Inspirations : Mini cards

2013-04-08 22.18.27

I bumped into my colleague in the office lift a week ago and she was my old friend from church. Found out her last day was within the week. Was inspired to write her a farewell note and came up with this!

Mini cards! 

2013-04-08 17.54.46

It was so simple and effortless! I used a cloth tape/(washi tapes are also possible) and stick it at the border of the cards. I glued the printed side of the business cards together to make it look like a blank card.

Camera 360

Wrote her a scripture verse and some farewell notes on the other sheet. Bought her some Skittles too …and voila!

2013-04-08 17.23.57

Here are the materials I used for the mini cards.

  • Business cards – Free
  • Cloth stickers / Washi tape – Mr. DIY, RM1.90 per roll
  • Mini clothes peg – Daiso, RM5.00 per pack (in 50′s)
Till then, have  a great Wednesday!

One thought on “Inspirations : Mini cards

  1. Claryn! I didn’t know you were into crafts and all that – so cool 🙂 Your gestures and efforts are so sweet!
    Btw, I love that washi tape – so cute.

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