Bridal shower : Regine’s!

Last Saturday, we all came together to celebrate Regine’s upcoming wedding which is in two weeks time. Regine and I first met each other in Homes (cell-group) and she was always smiling and laughing. Although we aren’t in the same homes anymore, we usually update one another over a quick chat in church.

Camera 360

This is the lovely bride-to-be! She was so shy when we were all snapping photos of her for a good 15 seconds. Too cute!

Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360

Beautiful spread of yummy food for us! Egg tarts, tuna dip with Chachos, egg sandwiches, swiss roll, brownies and roasted pork buns! We were quite surprised that there were still so much food left because all the girls were so hungry before the bridal shower started!

The food / cupcake toppers are from Accent the Party and Printable Party Kits. Totally made the food presentation so much better!

Camera 360

Camera 360

The beautiful deco done by Fiona, Michelle and her team. Pinterest inspirations strikes again!

Camera 360

We played some funny naughty games which made all the girls laughed like hyenas! Man, that was just totally epic! Of course, we presented her with gifts  she can use for her first night. Lol. We had so much fun that afternoon!

Here’s to a blissful and happy marriage ahead! God be the centre of it all always! Love you, babe! xx


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