Inspirations : Graduation card

So, this is something I came up with when my one of my cell group members is leaving for America to do a 6 month work travel. He just graduated not long ago and we thought that it would be good to encourage him before he leaves!

Half of my inspiration comes from the tutorial here but I customised it according to my own convenience and I thought it turned out pretty fine for a beginner who  just started out in making cards!


Started out with the mini cards where I got my cell group members to write their messages. Had to use the clothes peg to hold the cards together as the cloth sticker wouldn’t stick! Meh. 

2013-05-01 09.04.21

Used rubber stamps and made the front layout of the card. Had so much fun doing it even with the trial and errors!

2013-05-01 09.04.08

2013-05-01 09.05.35

Subsequently, I used nylon wrap to make the envelopes and that’s where my cards go in. I made three of them so it looks like a spread just as how the tutorial said.

2013-05-01 09.14.50

Glued the cards together, punched a hole and used a brown twine to tie the card together!
Total time taken : 1.5 hour excluding compiling the card messages.

2013-05-01 09.54.49

Materials used :

  • Black A4 card – Stationery shop, approximately RM0.50 per sheet.
  • Rubber stamps – Popular Book Store, RM12.50 for one set of block letters
  • White rubber stamp ink – Craft Haven, RM7
  • Business cards – Free (Recycled ones)
  • Cloth stickers – Mr. DIY, RM1.90 per roll
  • Nylon wrap – Popular Book Store, RM4.90 per roll of probably 5 meters
  • Brown twine – Mr DIY, RM1.20 for a ball of twine

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