The simple things in life #1

So, I had a pretty long week from juggling work and cell group which required tons of preparations. I was so exhausted by the time I clocked out from the office last Tuesday, I was just dragging my feet to the car park. I just wanted to go home and crash.

But, barely 15 steps out of the office, I was greeted with this amazing sunset!


This looks just like a view from the beach! Glorious blue skies! When I saw this, I stopped walking and just appreciated the sunset for a good 30 seconds on the street. So beautiful, I gotta share it with you guys 🙂 Hehe


The skies changed its colour within seconds! This was one of the later shots and at this very moment, I wished there was a pina colada, umbrella and a picnic mat for me to just sit down and chill. Enjoy the sunset with my man. Ah, the bliss 😀



This was taken from the 8th floor of my car park building. No filter, just click and snap. What a breathtaking moment!
God’s art work is so magnificent. A reminder of His faithfulness and goodness 🙂

That made my night and I drove home smiling.


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