Something is brewing!

Oh hello! I’m back!

So, busy is the new black. Been busy, busy, busy!

Work projects have been coming in and out. The Raya holidays have come and gone. Did a few more DIY projects. Bought a mini sewing machine to do more DIY stuffs! (Oh yay!). Attempted to clean my room. Tried rock climbing and laser tag for the very first time. Spent time with my Filipino colleague who is down for a work trip. Celebrated our one year milestone with a road trip. Watched a play. Did some massive shopping. Spent a bomb on clear stamps from the United States buh oh so worth it! Cant wait!

That pretty summed up my 2-3 months! Haha. Thought it would be good to come back and just post on the recent things I’ve been up to as well.

As you can see, I’m in the midst of coming up with something and I’m pretty excited at how it’s gonna look like when I’m done 😀 But for now, futsal is calling my name!

See you guys!



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