25 on the 25th

A friend told me that this was my golden birthday because I turned 25 years old on the 25th of October.  Then again, just like every birthday, it’s not really a huge thing for me. Just simple dinners with my loved ones.

2013-10-25 21.12.24

Jap for family dinner – My younger bro and I.

2013-10-26 21.51.10

Then, the boyfriend took me out to this Jap (again!) hotpot buffet. Pretty decent I must say but I was just down with a horrible cough and that made the experience a lil less fun. We had to go to the doctor immediately after dinner because I was having really short breath and I wanted to puke. Man! Haha.

Took a jab and I finally felt better after resting for a good 3 hours after church today! YAY!



..and my colleagues were really sweet in surprising me with a birthday cake while I was rushing like mad for a proposal due on the day itself. I was so focused that I didn’t notice them doing all this behind my back! I gotta say I really have an awesome bunch of colleagues! They make me laugh like mad every single day!


Anyway, as I reflect upon the past year, I can only thank God for what He has done in my life. How that I’ve changed so much since a year ago.

I began to take the initiative to make myself more happy and to do the things I like with the people who will make me a better person. I learnt how it is okay to say ‘NO’ because I hate to disappoint people. In the end, I took on so many things that I say I would do but failed to deliver.  It was a great lesson which I truly appreciate.

I’ve also told God that I wanted to experience Him more and more each day, to do so much more and to do it well. I wanted to do His will. I didn’t like the fact that things were still somewhat the same. Nothing changed. Same old problems, same old stories.

This year, God had challenged me far beyond what I could ever imagine and I’m sooooo thankful for the people He has put in my lives. He had given me the opportunity to minister and do life together with a few very precious girls from my church and cell group. I’m so humbled that they trust me and are so willing to share their life stories. Truly, it’s only by God’s grace that things happen that way! To see them grow in their faith and ministry in Christ is the biggest joy and satisfaction I can have.  It’s really about doing life together!

I’m pretty excited to see what God has store for me in the next 363 days before my next birthday comes and I know I only have His best! Hoping that I’ll see more breakthroughs in life and may I continue to love what I do!

Of course, may I’ve the discipline to continue documenting and blog on things worth sharing about! Till then!


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