10 big moments in 2013

Happy New Year, folks! A great year has passed and expecting a greater one to come! I had my fair share of ups and downs but I really thank God for His grace and faithfulness upon my life. This was sitting in my draft for quite some time but I knew that I needed to do this despite being late, because I know I’ll look through this again when 2014 ends.

2013 wasn’t the most challenging year compared to 2003. In fact, if I could summarise the year in a few words, it would be a year of learning. Learning that life is not always how we want it to be, that life can be really hard sometimes but at the end of the day, we always have a choice on how we want to respond on these situations. This year, *I* chose to be thankful. 

#1 – Passed my CPA 

This was the biggest highlight of the year for me. I wrote it on facebook on how I found it almost impossible to finish this (a professional accounting program) because I quit my job as an auditor in 2012 and I was undecided if I want to continue this program. I was half way there and spent an approximately RM6-7k for the 3 papers. Then, I got a job as a M&A consultant in Deloitte and I finished the entire thing in June 2013! Yay! Praise God really! I had different crazy challenges every semester – no time to study, had sports training, insufficient study leave – but I passed every paper with God’s grace! No more forking out RM2-3k every 6 months and no more wasting my annual leave to study for my CPA!

#2 – Rekindled my love for DIY’s and crafts

(Almost) every girl likes crafts. I stopped doing crafts after high school due to other commitments in life. Then, I discovered Pinterest. I spent hours and hours just browsing through the articles in there and I just couldn’t stop. One year later, I have my own stash of crafts materials with tons of ideas! All I need is time! 😀 I told myself that I would do a project once every fortnight in 2014 and we shall see how it goes!

#3 – Got serious in futsal and represented Deloitte in IAFG for the very first time!

I didn’t tell anyone about this but I had a fight with Marc on Valentine’s Day. So, I decided to say yes to an invitation of futsal (since i loved it anyway!) and it was one of the best decisions ever. I made friends with these awesome bunch of people and I’ve been playing with them ever since! Friendships were formed and I’m so thankful for these bunch of people! 🙂 I’ve also decided to try out for my company’s futsal team for our annual Inter Accounting Firms Games (IAFG) against other accounting firms. Although we lost, it was quite an experience. Can’t wait to play even more consistently this year.

#4 – Took a step in faith and serve more in Homes (Cell Group) and Court2 (A tuition community centre)

I’ve never imagined myself to be a cell group leader in my church but in June, God challenged me to take a step of faith and to journey with Him to lead a small group together with Jon, my cell grp leader. It was so overwhelming but the experience only leaves me wanting more of God! I learnt how to study God’s word so much deeper and just enjoying His presence in my life. Once again, He put different people in my life – some to encourage me, some to teach me, some for me to care for – and I’m just so thankful for each and every one in my Homes. My hope (just like God’s) is to see them grow so much deeper in Jesus each day. Just wanting to be God’s faithful steward in this 🙂 Also, I took a coordinating role in a volunteering teaching program by my church. Wow, wasn’t easy man, we made mistakes here and there but we learnt from that and I know 2014 will just be better!

#5 – Malaysia’s General Elections in May

Year 2013 was a historic moment for Malaysia. It was the closest general election ever with more than 80% voters’ turn out. You see, Malaysia is a very beautiful place. We have glorious food and attractions around. We have brilliant people. Unfortunately, due to corruption and dirty politics, we have fallen so much in every aspect. Security in Malaysia is in its critical stage but the government refused to do anything about it. We diligently pay our taxes every year but it has never been used for the correct purposes. Our education, healthcare, transportation systems are still lagging behind. In fact, if we are not doing anything about it, this nation will be heading for destruction. For the very first time in history, the younger generations were interested in politics and they were very determined to cast a vote for a change. People booked their flights home and some even lined up for a good 12 hours for postal votes overseas. The determination for a new government was just so surreal.

Although we didn’t manage to have a new government, I know that Malaysians have learnt from this experience. We have gotten stronger, more united and I know Malaysia will only get better from here. I have faith and I’ll give whatever it takes to let my children have a better Malaysia.

#6 – Travel 

I travelled to Bangkok, Singapore and Australia in 2013. Of course, the most memorable one was Melbourne. It was my very first time experiencing the weather and coffee there. It was a love hate relationship for me because I loved everything there except for its unpredictable weather. I just couldn’t take the cold. Everything there was just so beautiful. Even their fruits were so much bigger than Malaysia’s. Visited my uncle and aunt who lives in Aussie for the very first time and caught up with my friends who lived there.

#7 – Got sick in October/November

Right after my Aussie trip, I developed this really bad cough for a good 1.5 months. I spat really thick amount of phlegm daily and it hurts my ribs so much. I didn’t take it seriously as it was just a bad cough until I had difficulty breathing one night. I was wrongly diagnosed (can’t blame the GP doctor) and was diagnosed with sinusitis. It took me 2 months and almost headed for a surgery because all the meds weren’t working. The doctor mentioned that if I didn’t get better in 5 days, I would have need to go for surgery. Thank God I got better and I didn’t need surgery! 🙂

#8 – Spent more time with family and friends

Well, this has been my priority since I resigned in 2012 and I’m glad that it got better.

#9 – Celebrated our one year anniversary

Marc and I didn’t think we’ll see it through the first year because we were arguing wayy too much. Friends were asking me to rethink if this was the guy for me and I did. Glad we didn’t call it quits because we finally found a way to communicate with each other and since then, we are so happy together! 😀 Now, we look forward to every dates and we are so thankful for this relationship! Hehe..

#10 – Know when to say ‘no’ and to spend more time loving myself

Mentioned this a few times that I have learnt to say ‘no’ to certain people and certain situations. I have always given priority to people around me that I forgot I need to treat myself better. I learnt it’s okay to take some time off to do facials, to do my DIY projects, to clean my room, to read a book or even to clean my room! I miss doing all these things! This was the year when I started doing more of these and when I did that, I was better at interacting with other people. So the saying, ‘Love yourself so you will love other people better‘ is true!

Here’s to a better year and do greater adventures in 2014!


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