Inspirations : DIY pencil case

Before I go on, I need to give a disclaimer that my finished product isn’t like what you see in Pinterest. It’s the first thing I churned out using the sewing machine and I’m pretty happy about it although there are crooked lines! πŸ˜€ This make me realise that I love doing DIYs so so much, more than my job.


I got this pencil case tutorial by Brooke Sellmann and it was easy because she wonderfully made it in a PDF format which I could print out and refer to it when I was sewing.

I used this mini sewing machine which I got for RM50 (USD15) in Mr.DIY,SS2. It only had a warranty for 3 days and the foot pedal only stopped working a week later. Talk about perfect timing. So, I have to coordinate with one hand on the machine and the other holding the fabric. It was not easy. SO tempted to get another new one with more features but Marc said this is still working 😦 I guess I’ll have to stick to this for some time until I get really serious with this hobby.

2014-01-28 01.22.12

Besides the sewing machine, other materials include:

  1. Fabric – 1/4 yard of this cute fabric for RM10 from Fabric Fanatics. The fabric is sufficient to make 2 identical pencil cases. Realised this purchase wasn’t necessary because you could recycle your old clothes.
  2. Zippers – RM1.10 each for a 12inch in a sewing shop located in Seapark, same row as KFC.
  3. Fabric scissors – Vintage! πŸ˜€ It was passed down to me by my grandma. I got a new one in Daiso for only RM5 and its pretty decent!

2014-01-28 01.23.57

As I started sewing, I realised I should have trim and end the seams because the thread keeps coming out. It got my sewing machine stuck a couple of times. Once, my thread’s tension was so high because it got stuck and I had to re-do the entire stitch again. What a waste of time.Β 

2014-02-03 15.34.24

My pencil case in WIP. This got me SUPER excited when I could see a glimpse of how it’s gonna turn out. Unfortunately, if you look closer, you could see that i pin the middle part of the fabric a lil way too much and hence, the crooked line when I sew 😦 Oh wells.

2014-02-03 23.18.00

2 days later (with 1.5 hours spent on each day)
…and TADAAA!!

My beautiful pencil case!

Camera 360

It looks sooo good! Hehehe…and I’m so proud of it! (although it’s not perfect)
What an accomplishment to figure the sewing machine out and to finally use it to make something out of nothing.

I’m a very happy girl πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I’m already thinking of what my next project will be and pretty stoked! πŸ˜€
I can do DIYs all day. I really can.


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