Markets @ Jaya One – Easter Extravaganza

Some weeks ago, I attended a fashion & food bazaar in Jaya One organised by ChicPop. I first knew about this event in Tongue in Chic during my college days and since then, I attended almost all of them.

It happens every 3 months and it features various vendors ranging from hipster fashion stuff to pre-owned collections to vintage dresses to online entrepreneurs to crafty stores to food stalls! This time, they had a swap party for a minimal RM5 participation fee and you can swap whatever you want at that allocated area. I didn’t participate at the swap party because it was too crowded and the good stuff was gone by the time I wanted to go.

It was a pretty hipster place, I must say. So, if this is your thing, you shouldn’t miss the next one!

Of course, my favourite part of the entire thing is BARGAIN SHOPPING!

Well, you gotta know how to look for these bargains because almost every stall sells for an average of RM30 and above (well, if it’s cheap to you, good on you!). aim was definitely RM15 and below per piece because I spent RM5 on a blazer and average RM10 on tops the last time I went for to Markets.

This year, I spent about RM85 for 15 pieces of apparels!


2014-04-13 00.13.32

Mind you, it was a combination of PRETTY dresses, sweaters, blazers and tops (mostly vintage)! There was this stall selling pre-owned clothes imported from Japan for RM2 per piece! I bought only 7 pieces because the rest were too big for me! Else, it would be more than that! 😀

2014-04-13 14.30.33

Oh, how I love the prints!

My other purchases include this blue and mustard top (far right) from Tanksfor5 and they were so kind in giving a tote bag made out of tank top for free! Oh yes! It was RM15 and it was the most expensive purchase I made during the day! Haha.. tell me you wanna start hiring me as your personal shopper now!

I also managed to spot this stall of 3 girls selling their pre-loved clothes for RM5 to RM10 per piece. Bought about 8 pieces from them and it was mostly RM5 per piece!

I was a very very happy girl at the end of the day! So many clothes for less than a hundred bucks! 😀 😀 😀

I’m not sure about you but I get so much satisfaction and joy in finding the best bargains wherever I go. These clothes although pre-loved, they are still in a very good condition and almost all of them look pretty new!

My colleague once asked, ‘Why are you wearing other people’s clothes?’
I told her, “Why not?”

Fashion doesn’t need to be expensive.


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