Happy Teacher’s Day!

It’s been 4 years since I made this decision to wake up almost every Saturday morning to teach voluntarily in Court2 USJ. On some days, I wake up dreading to class and wished I could sleep in but changed my mind when I see how my students are so excited to start their classes.

Teaching these students week in and week out is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done in my life. The joy of seeing my students being able to spell, to count and to grasp certain concepts is priceless. There were frustrating days though, days when I wanted to just give up and teach them how to sing but I can’t give up. The changes cant be seen in a day. Some took months, some even took years.

Anyone can teach, but not everyone can teach with passion. Teaching is never easy because the efforts put in are barely recognised and appreciated. Your students won’t even bother to listen to you or try the exercises you painstakingly prepare before the day. Heck, your students probably can’t even remember you the next year. But teaching is never for us. It’s for the students. It’s for their future. It’s worth doing every single week.

Just as I was feeling so grateful driving to the tuition centre today morning, I came to class greeted with this lovely gift of appreciation from one of my brightest students in class, Alifah.


She took the gifts out with such wide smile and said, “FOR YOU TEACHER! HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY!”

I almost teared.

What a heartwarming moment that was. 


Although I probably need to correct her English next week (lol), this is the very reason why I do this every week. My students are wayy too precious – they are my motivation.

I’m so awwwwww-ed by her thoughts. I love you too, Alifah! 😀 Thank you for remembering me!


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