Inspirations : DIY baby shoes

My colleague at work recently had a newborn baby boy and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to DIY something as a gift. After much research in Pinterest, I decided to make a pair of denim baby shoes. Tutorial credits tol thatssewnina.

The entire process took me approximately 5-6 hours with some minor setbacks which I’ll explained later.


Things you need :

1) Fabric – Denim (or any other fabric you can use)
2) Scissors – RM5 from Daiso
3) Pattern cut-outs – From the tutorial link
4) Elastic – RM1.20 from the sewing shop in Seapark
5) Seam ripper – It will be less than RM5 in any sewing shop.! Unless you’ve been sewing often
6) Tutorial – I always choose to print it out for easier referencing.


The fabric cut-outs.

2014-04-26 00.03.39

Working on the back heel with the elastic. This took  me the longest.

Visualisation. A very important thing for me so that I can picture it in my head how it’s gonna look like when it’s complete.

It was about 3am when I called it a night and decided that I will continue it in the morning. The sewing machine was working perfectly fine the night before but it just broke down the next morning!! I checked every single part of the machine. Replace the thread. Took out the bobbins and repositioned it again. NOTHING WORKS! 

I was so sooooo frustrated!!

The full moon party was happening in the afternoon and with the machine breaking down, it only means that I couldn’t present the gift on the actual party day!


I began sourcing for new sewing machines since my old one was only RM50 as mentioned. It has served me well but reckon the time and repair does not justify the cost I paid for this.



It’s such an upgrade from my previous machine, with 8 different stitches, reverse stitches and a working foot pedal! The threading was also such a breeze! 😀

Bought it from Lazada and this is one of the top sellers in the store. It retails for RM169 but I got it cheaper as they have 10% discounts on Mondays with Mastercard.


This is me sewing the back heels and the soles together.  This took minutes with the new sewing machine 😀 😀 😀


Done done done!

Proudly presenting to you…

My DIY Baby Shoes! 

More DIYs coming very soon! Watch this space!


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