World Cup 2014 – Ole Ole Brazil!

We’re already at the Elimination Stage of the World Cup – Brazil vs Chile now. It’s a pretty interesting World Cup because most of the big teams (i.e. England, Italy, Portugal, Spain!!) have been eliminated in the Group stage leaving Brazil, Germany, Argentina and France to fight it out with all the other dark horses. Who would have thought countries like Costa Rica, Greece and Belgium would go through? Lol.

The goals are also in abundance averaging about 3 goals per match! 😀 As my favourite team (read : Spain) got eliminated early, I’m watching it with lesser stress, just appreciating all the beautiful goals and passes! Absolutely love the sport!

Also, I did this! 😀


Definitely not what you get if you go for a manicure, but heck, I’m very very happy with the outcome! ❤

Viva la Espana!


2 thoughts on “World Cup 2014 – Ole Ole Brazil!

    • Aww, thanks so much! Probably it was quite time-consuming, that’s why (Unless you do your nails on a regular basis!) Then again, I saw your nails with the Aussie world cup theme! That’s even more amazing – with all the details and everything 🙂

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