New Season in Life

It’s funny how I’m typing this from Dunkin Donuts café in a small town called Ormoc – a 2 hour drive from Cebu.

It was only 9 months ago that I told one of my directors that I’m feeling very frustrated at work. I started contemplating, considering other options and more importantly; I had to ask myself what do I really want to do in my life.

I knew that accounting and finance wasn’t my cup of tea but I hung on to it because it seems the most promising among many other options and after all, I spent 4 years of my university life pursuing a degree for that. I spent the next 4 years in the Big4 accounting firms as an auditor and subsequently, a M&A consultant.

Yea, work life balance was definitely better in Deloitte as a consultant but when times were bad, it was really bad. I told myself that if ever my job seems as bad as my previous one, it was time to leave and it was. I did not want to jump to another company but with the same amount of stress and nonsense; so the considerations for my next job cannot be compromised anymore.

It took me more about 1.5 years to take this leap of faith to finally apply for opportunities that I really like specifically travel, sports, community work and education.

During this time of consideration, God had taught and showed me many things. I was broken. I was challenged and was brought to tears so many times. I even had a mild depression. I remember working round the clock, having minimal sleep and it was a routine of work and sleep, even during the weekends. My superiors were difficult on me because I was equally as frustrated.

It was in the months of waiting (searched and applied for many jobs during the time) that God had taught me to truly trust Him and have faith in Him because He wanted to show me He is my provider. This process of waiting has taught me to be still in the Lord despite the bleak outlook. God wanted to deal with the issues of my heart – pride, patience, purpose and 100% dependancy on Him. I shared this journey of mine with my cell group members throughout the “Breakthrough series” because I knew that this lesson wasn’t meant for me alone. Some days, I wondered if my breakthrough will ever come. Doubts of whether I will ever get a new job or taking a huge pay cut keeps lingering in my head. All right, the thought of having a pay cut really KILLS me!

It was also during this time I finally had the guts to tell my mom that I no longer want to work in the corporate world. She has always envisioned us to be top leaders in the corporate ladder, earning big bucks and owning comfortable luxurious home – simply because she wants the best for us. She was reluctant at first but praise God! She gave me her blessings in the end! 🙂

By end July, I received my bonus and increment – I was then offered a job in an NGO that I really like!! OH YEAHHH BABY! 😀 😀 😀

His timing is soooooooooo perfect omg! Best part of all? NO PAY CUT!

Talk about His goodness and awesomeness! I finally received my breakthrough and I’m travelling in the Philippines for 21 days before I start my job! 😀 So so blown away at how God has orchestrated everything so perfectly and at how He puts everything in place in the end. All I needed was to have faith in Him to take the leap and pursue the things He has prepared for me!

I’m in a happy place right now! Stress free! Here’s a picture of what I’m doing right now! Till then! ❤

2014-09-06 12.05.16


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