Two Thousand and Fifteen

When people ask me what are my New Year’s resolutions, I usually tell them I don’t have any because I don’t believe in them. How many people who said “they want to go the gym and lose weight” as their resolution actually do lose weight by December? Probably 1%? When people tell me this resolution, I usually roll my eyes, inside my head. Haha. I’m sorry, I just can’t help it.

This year, however, I felt very strongly to just make a public list (to keep me accountable!) of what I want to do more by Dec 2015. I’m listing it according to frequencies, trying to be as specific as I can. **updated

  1. Journal –  It’s important and even more powerful when you read your progress of life’s successes and failures. Of how faithful and sometimes annoying God is. This should be done daily.
  2. Blog – I love blogging but I allow the perfectionist in me to scrutinise the content until I don’t even bother to write anymore. Two to three times a week, once on weekends and once/twice on weekdays. Once a week.
  3. DIYs and arts & crafts – Sewings on Saturdays, Other arts on Weekdays. In fact, I might just create hashtags for it!
  4. Read – One book a week month. Any book, as long it’s one of the 100 books on my shelves.
  5. Meeting up with people – At least one person fortnightly. What’s life if it’s all about “me”?
  6. ExerciseAlternate days 2 to 3 times a week, just to keep me going.
  7. Call and catch up with uncle – Once a week phone call and visit him once a month perhaps.
  8. Travel – Siargao to visit the awesome people I met in 2014, Australia for Wei Xiong + Alicia’s wedding, Vietnam for backpacking. Hoping I can slot some local travels in between – perhaps Cherating and Langkawi?

Now, let’s see how this rolls out. *starts countdown timer*


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