Taking a step back

Today is one of the days where I just feel meh. Nothing was working out for me. I did not have enough sleep. I had anxiety attacks thinking of the unfinished pile of work. My client partner told us that she tendered and will be living my dream. To work travel in New Zealand.  Spent 1.5 hours picking my brother up from school. Meh. 

emo time

All these despite me booking a 6 days backpacking trip to Hanoi with a bunch of cool friends.

I will pick myself up in a bit, but not just now. I gotta let this sink in and then snap out of it. Maybe I’m stretching myself too thin. All the resolutions I made, maybe it is too optimistic. I am always playing catch up only to realise that it is too damn difficult to do it all! It is either I read OR sew OR blog OR experimenting art. So much so, I forgot to enjoy the moment. I forgot to live! All these things are supposed to be fun but instead, it is more like “Ok, must sew today” or “Must practice calligraphy or else!

When it doesn’t happen, then I blame myself. People say I am too hard on myself. They are right and I hate it. I just can’t help it, you know! Haha.  See.. I’m fine now. I just need to get this out of my system! Gah.

Because my resolution thing isn’t really working out, I’m gonna be tweaking it a lil to make it more obtainable! Meanwhile, there’s a 4 days weekend coming up (ok fine, I took an additional day off) soon, SO TGIF BABY!


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