Clare’s 2015 Reading List – Book #1 and #2

So, I read 2 books in January 2015 and I had to amend my resolution list to 1 book per month. I realised that I am an excited (read: crazy) book reader because the moment I come home from work, I reach for the damn book. Read it till dinner time and then read it again till I sleep. The next morning, I feel exhausted for work. Repeat cycle for 2 weeks.

Or maybe the books have very interesting plots. Haha. Yea, I think I it’s the plot! 😀 Here are the simple reviews I’m gonna do for the books I read. Enjoy!


Going Solo by Roald Dahl

This is a sequel biography of Roald Dahl. Everyone knows him as the legendary kids author, just like Enid Blyton or JK Rowling but not many know his past as a RMF Air pilot fighter in WW2! He was also one of the very few survivors of the war. His comrades all died fighting. It was all just pretty..surreal! Light hearted and easy to read, Dahl was able to keep me interested throughout, he made me imagine what driving the fighter plane was like plus all the adrenaline and intensity! Pretty cool, man! Actually, I love it. It made me so curious that I googled about WW2 and how did Dahl fit into the pieces of puzzle right after I finished it.

Rating : 4/5


Five Star Billionaire by Tash Aw

This is the very first book I read from the BBW sale. There were mixed reviews about it but heck, it was only RM8 and the author is a Malaysian! Gotta give some support man! The story was about 5 migrants from Malaysia trying to make it in life in Shanghai but somehow all these 5 characters are linked. What made me go, “Wow, what a way to write a book!!” was how Aw got into the climax of the story in the last 30 pages of his book out of the 435 pages. Like what man! The ending was pieced perfectly at the last 2 pages!! This was one book I couldn’t stop reading, page by page I wanted more, I wanted more details and I wanted to see how it would all make sense. Yeap, all at the 30 pages or so! Haha.. crazy! It’s true – just like all the other reviews, it’s either you like it or you don’t! I ❤ it!

Rating : 4.5/5


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