Are you ready to die?

This question came about as I was having lunch with Josh, my old time buddy today. I was supposed to sign some documents and thought it would be good to catch up too. That’s what I like to call…efficiency. 😀

We were sharing about the things that happened since we last met up. He was telling me great stuff about his work and his future direction in his career. Josh is so brilliant with all the entrepreneur thing, I tell you. He is only 26 but he has so much ideas under his sleeves! So happy for him really. Hoping that he can still remember this dear friend of his when he makes it big! Lol!

When it was my turn to share about my life, I was telling him I have achieved all that I want to in my life. He stopped eating and looked at me attentively. Probably thinking if I was mad.

Yes, I am ready to die”

People who usually say things like these are either 1) old and lived the years OR 2) successful and felt that they have lived the life enough. Successful these days mean making it big, earning big bucks and living luxuriously.

I do not fit into ANY category. Not old, not rich. Not even near to living comfortably financially.

As of today, I have lived to see all my dreams come to past. Of course there are so many other things I want to do – get married, have kids, have grandkids, travel, have my own business, have a house with a swimming pool, have a beach house, see my family and friends know Jesus – but I feel that I’m pretty happy right now. If I die today, I have no regrets!

I told Josh I am living my life as everyday is my last because I feel God can call me anytime. So, I’m on my toes. Living the life that pleases God.  Living life with a leaving legacy in mind. Trying not to have any unfinished business by the end of every day.


I always ask myself, “What can I do to leave a good legacy behind?” or “How can I impact someone’s life today?”

So, are *YOU* ready to die today? If not, why?


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