Happy Chinese New Year!

Hey guys! Wishing all you readers a wonderful Year of the Goat!

My mom cooked for reunion dinner this year! It was the FIRST home cooked meal after my late grandmother couldn’t cook anymore some 15 years ago. In fact, my youngest brother who is 14 years old is experiencing his very 1st home cooked reunion dinner.


It was such a significant moment for the family, for me at least.
Nothing fancy, just 3 dishes with soup and the yee sang.
With just my family.

All these years, I felt that Chinese New Year (“CNY”) has lost its tradition and significance. No more waking up early in the morning to collect my angpows from my parents, going to my grandparent’s place in the afternoon and have vegetarian dish for lunch, visiting my relatives from my dad’s side in the evening and watch cartoons till I fall asleep! Even on the 2nd day, we would visit relatives from my mom’s side and my parents would give me a bit of money to play some card games (read : CNY gamble, haha). Somehow, these lovely traditions have all gone when my grandparents passed away.

I’m so glad that I could re-live all those CNY moments this year. Even my red packet from my mom is a lil more special than the rest.


If you can’t read the Chinese character, it is my family name – Chong 😀 Pretty rad, right?
Asked my mom how did she get these awesome red packets, she said she found it in Hong Kong when she was travelling. Not bad, mom, not bad!

I had a pretty eventful 1st day CNY and I’m so thankful for my family and all that God has given me.

Hoping your Chinese New Year is equally as joyous and meaningful as you spend it with your family and friends!


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