Gimme more time!

I knew this was coming, but I didn’t know that it would be this hectic! Pretty amazed at how I’m still standing, alive!

I don’t even know where to begin!

Schedules were jam packed the entire month – any free time I had was used to catch up on sleep! No time to do ANY crafts, reading, calligraphy, blogging whatsoever. Was pretty bad, actually. Just finished a 2 day work weekend back-to-back (was a project manager for one), multiple night work meetings, my cell group multiplied! (YAY!) with all the planning involved, spent a lil more time with my extended relatives. All in a day’s work! Still loving what I do, fulfillments level 100 ❤

Not complaining hehe but glad that my schedule is slowly shifting its gears. Need a break so badly!

Despite all the crazy nights and lack of sleep, I wake up thankful everyday. Sure, things get pretty nasty sometimes. I cry, I breakdown. That’s life. You pick yourself up, you learn and you move on. I can’t ask for a better life, job, family, friends, boyfriend, church! Life has been pretty awesome lately! 😀 I’m finally living life the way I want to (with God of course!) and ignoring what people expect of me.

I tell my friends, “Your life is the outcome of choices you make, you are solely responsible for them” 

If I gotta pick the top highlights the past month, it gotta be this:

#1 – My cell group multiplied! PJ7 to PJ16

My PJ16 homies!

This has gotta be one of the most rewarding journey in my life! Got called to champion this Homes with Jon 1.5 years back and man, i almost peed on my pants! Not quite, but I was shaking all over each time I share God’s Word! Classic as we recall all these experiences! With much prayer and sowing, we grew from the original 8 to a good 30! We had to multiply or else the house will explode! Praise God! 🙂

We just had our FIRST PJ16 homes and we had a great turnout! 12 out of the 16 people in the list! WOOHOO! Can’t wait for God to show up and show off in this amazing homes once again. I pray that lives will be transformed, homies will experience their personal breakthroughs and men/women of God will rise up to the calling of Him! ❤ Love loveeee these people!

#2 – Field trip to an approved school

I remember that it was a crazy week for me at work, almost giving this a miss. My colleague however convinced me otherwise and I’m glad she did. Basically, an approved school is a school for juvenile cases – as simple as disciplinary problems to crime cases. It was such an eye opener! I’m sure most of you would think like how I do but you will be surprised at the statistics told by the school counsellor.

Do you know there are HARDLY any escape cases? Because in this place, they are fed 6 meals a day. At home, they don’t even know when their next meal is. Do you know that 80% of these juvenile cases come from middle income families and above? (This was a shocking one for me!) Because they have been neglected by working parents!! Love and care given to children are sooooo crucial! 

So thankful for this opportunity and I’m pretty stoked at the open doors given to our company in conducting our programs! Hehe, cant wait! Btw, the picture on my featured image is the aerial view of the school’s football field! NICE RIGHT?! 😀


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