Back to my sewing mojo!

…or maybe just because I need to! 😀 (with much pleasure of course!)

I promised Audrey that I’ll make her a bible cover when I’m less tied up with my work. Erm, that was exactly a year ago! HAHA. I kept procastinating till she is leaving KL for good. Miss Audrey is going back to her hometown in Sabah for 6 months before heading to UK to further her studies.


This was my second attempt in making the cover, the first being too small and the second being too big. -____- Major fail. So, one tip I’m gonna give is that it’s much easier to have the “book” with you, so you can make adjustments where necessary. Audrey had to get her domestic helper to make the alterations when she went back. BOO. But it was all good in the end, so I’m happy 😀


Gonna miss this girl so much for sure 😦 She annoys me sooo much but she’s also one of the few ones who really share the same wavelength with me! Lol. #goawaybutdontgo

Btw, the easiest book/bible cover tutorial I found in Pinterest, available here if you are interested.


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