Second Chances

The thing about second chances is that it either comes one too many times OR it doesn’t come at all, which then makes second chances less valuable than it is. I am going to generalise this, but you get what I mean. Even when it’s related to health, we tend to take it for granted after some time from our recovery.

I remember telling myself that I need to get enough rest, eat right and exercise after my episodes of “making-the-hospital-my-second-home”. I’m definitely living better – not too much spicy, eating regularly, sleep more than 6 hours, don’t work too late – but I know I can do better than this. TODAY is one of those days.

If only I was more aware of what time I sleep each day, I will not be stuck here on medical leave and wasted my entire weekend off to rest. I spent so much of time in bed trying to recover; what a waste of time! All the things I could have done with it. -___-

Anyway, that’s not the worst. The HORROR when my doctor said…
No more durians”

I hardly had any durians the past week and I have to stop eating them? Story of my life or what.

It’s amazing how I can divert from one topic to another unrelated one. Haha. Think I need to just vent out my frustrations.


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