Do I really have to post that travel picture up?

After a long day exploring the city, we were all exhausted. We plopped ourselves to the couches in the common area and that’s when it all started. My travel buddies and I began to play with our phones (not cool on vacations, I know!),  checked for emails, replying Whatsapp texts and what not. Checked social media, lo and behold, my buddies have uploaded pictures of our most recent outing an hour ago.

Why so efficient this people? -___-

So, I felt a pressured to also post something online to show that I’m on a holiday too, having as much fun or maybe more than my friends back home! At least people should know where I am, right? I skimped through my pictures on both my camera and phone to pick the most breathtaking capture I’ve taken so far. I couldn’t choose one, so I kept asking for opinions.

“This one or that one?”
“This sunset at this angle or the other?”
“Or this picture because better lighting?”

I was doing that for at least 10 minutes until I stopped and gave up.

Then I asked myself – Why am I stressing myself up to post a travel picture just because everyone is doing it? Is it actually okay not to inform social media that I’m away somewhere awesome for a holiday? Am I missing out on my travel milestone for not posting a picture up in Instagram?

I put both my camera and phone down, continued reading my novel and don’t give two hoots on picking the best picture to put in Instagram. I guess I’m still learning how to enjoy the moment, balancing between capturing memories in a camera and in my heart. Some moments, no matter how beautiful can never be captured with a lens.

That’s what travel taught me. To live in the moment and it’s okay to not post a travel picture up for the sake of it.

Fine. Just maybe one picture 😀


p.s. – Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against posting pictures during travel, it’s just that I shouldn’t be absorbed into peer pressure just to prove something that isn’t worth it at the first place! 🙂



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