Is Malaysia STILL worth fighting for?

Today is my nation’s 58th year of independence. I can’t help but to think how so much have changed in the recent years.

My Prime Minister is accused of having RM2.6 billion of public funds transferred to his personal account, our government owned investment company (1MDB) is unable to account to us where the crap is our tax money of RM42 billion, 6% of GST have just been implemented in March this year and our currency has dropped from USD1=RM2.9 to USD1=RM4.2 in just a year. These are the most recent news that have been flooding our FB timeline and media.

More than that, gone were the days where we could run around in our neighbourhood without fearing of getting kidnapped, when crime rates weren’t as bad, when we could buy 1 week of groceries with RM100 or when the education system was way better back then.

All these saddens me.

Why has my beautiful Malaysia been taken away of its dignity? Why are we being robbed? Why are more people getting out of this country? Why does it seem that there is no more hope? Should I stay and fight this cause?

There were days my colleagues and I feel that we are fighting a lost cause. With every child we nurture and love, there are tons more who come in to the shelter home brokenhearted. Days when we feel that all that we do is so negligible.

I was reminded by this one incident when I was driving home from work. I was at the junction of a busy road waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Two traffic police were directing the traffic flow although it was raining. Then, a lady with a wheel chair was trying to cross the road from one end to another, probably about a 50m distance. One of the traffic police RAN across the road in the rain to walk her to the other end. What a moment.

As I sat in my car, tears welled up in my eyes. It reminded me that it’s worth doing what I do. It’s worth fighting for my country. And I know, there are many others who are fighting for Malaysia – just in many other different ways.

Some who spend their time planting corals in the sea to the already damaged ones (oh hello Anuar & Ahmad!), some who donate blood on a constant basis, some who go all the way to the rural areas to be a teacher for few years, some who take the time off to build houses for the flood victims and people who can’t afford it, some who cook and clean for the underprivileged ones, some who take time off from their weekends to volunteer and teach, some who are striving to change the national policies for the better, some who create music and tell the world about Malaysia and some who played sports which unites the country more than anything else. Simple little things like these go a long way.

Different ones with different capacities making a difference for Malaysia. I believe we all can do something to make this place to live in for our next generation. Big or small, everyone can. We just gotta stay.. UNITED and BELIEVE, wherever we may be. Don’t ever think that someone else should do it. Because you can and this nation belongs to you!


I know there are many millions out there who love my country as much as I do.

Today, we stand proud, united and grateful for this beautiful land and the people in it. Our forefathers have done so much for us and NOW, it’s our turn to do the same. While we may not be going for war using guns and swords today, our war continues for a clean government, for a better economy and education, for a better Malaysia.

After all that has been said and done, my question remains..

Is Malaysia STILL worth fighting for?

Selamat Hari Merdeka, fellow Malaysians! ❤ ❤ ❤
So proud to be called Anak Malaysia!


2 thoughts on “Is Malaysia STILL worth fighting for?

  1. good piece… Keep on writing your mind with your heart…
    And when it starts with a smile, end it with a smile…

    Selamat Hari Merdeka!

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