10 milestones in 2015

Happy Belated (veryyy belated!) New Year, guys!

Time..has..gotta..slowwwwww…down. Like seriously. Or maybe 2015 was pretty darn awesome that my blog couldn’t keep up with the pace of my lifestyle! ☀✌ The moment I’m back home, I unpack, stay home for a week or two and off I go again!

2015 was really a year of awesome-ness filled with great people in it! If there’s one word to describe the year, it would be a year of exploration. (2014 : Breakthrough, 2013 : Learning) I was pushed out of my comfort zone, trying new things, so many “first’s”, epic new experiences and I’m glad things happened the way it did! A lot to be thankful for 🙂

#1 – WE GOT ENGAGED! ❤ ❤ 



This gotta be the highlight of the year (life)! It was our 3rd year anniversary and Marc decided that it’s time to get someone to do his laundry for life. He got down on one knee on the beach, with the sunset as our backdrop. And now, we are going to get married! Yay!

We don’t know how our future is going to be but we know that it will be helluva of a ride! We talked about how we will rush in the mornings because we will be both late for work (ugh, I’ll have a longer travel time when I get married), how we say we will make each other breakfast but in reality, we will just have instant coffee and bread, how we would really like to watch football together but I’ll just leave him and do my own thing. Or how we are gonna play futsal as a family and do fun things together! It’s gonna be funny and a lot of hard work!

For now, it’s the wedding planning and I don’t know who creates this culture of having big weddings, because it ain’t fun and it uses a lot of money! Even for small weddings, there are so many details to be taken care of.

Why can’t I sign the papers and just fly off to our honeymoon? Haha.

Anyway… YES. We are engaged and we are pretty EXCITED! 😀 ❤

#2 – Built a house from scratch with 30 other people


A flagship program of EPIC Homes, this social enterprise has teamed up with Prudence Foundation (PRU) to rebuild 12 houses that were destroyed by the 2014 floods during the monsoon rain in Kelantan. The aim was to build 3 houses per week from scratch.

Since PRU is a corporate partner my organisation works closely with, we were offered to join them for the build. I was in Batch no.3 out of 4 with Clara, my colleague while my other colleagues were in Batch no.2 and no.4.

There were 90 of us per batch, building 3 houses and I was in Team A. We were the A-team yo! 😀 I don’t know what made me do it but I have never imagined myself doing this kinda things EVER! I was assigned to the “wall team” – the most amazinggg team and we had so much fun!!!


From brick-laying (we had nightmares after that!) to mixing mortar and sand, to cutting, drilling, measuring.. we did all that! It was physically demanding though, woke up at 6.30am and work straight from 8am all the way till 7pm. There was no shade and we were under direct sunlight the entire time. No time to be a diva. Everyone just worked. No complaining!

My EPIC brick-laying adventure. Clearly, this did not pass the specialists’ benchmark! (Raymond, Sarah & Boon)

20150524_170852 20150527_151014


We finished the house (well, except that *little* gap you see) and we were so proud of everyone! All the hard work paid off!

#3 – Travel 


My backpacking trip to the Philippines in 2014 has changed my life! From my perspective in life to the way I travel. I knew I gotta do this more often and travel I did!

I had short weekend trips, long ones… local travels. Overseas travel. All.




Every time I travel, there are always new revelations regardless if it’s a new destination or not. Solo travel or with friends. There will always be new encounters, new life experiences, new adventures, moments that warm your heart, moments that will make you laugh and cringe, moments that make you a little more fearless yet vulnerable, and moments that will teach you life lessons about you and other people.

Most of all, it allows me to stop and just reflect. Admire God’s beautiful canvas. Do you notice how amazing when the stars shine so brightly? Or when the sun sets? Ahhhh… !! 

#4 – Career growth


My biggest milestone in GG so far was an art camp for the children in Kota Belud, Sabah in collaboration with Nippon. I was the Project Manager and boy, it wasn’t easy managing so many different parties. But I’m so glad it worked out for the best and everyone went back home satisfied!

What keeps me going in this job is that I see a PURPOSE in what I do. I know that in the end of all the sweat and hard work, it will be all worth it. The smile on their faces was all that I need.


I’m glad that my superior allows me to explore other areas of work beyond my job scope and because of that, I get to have different exposure opportunities! Like building the house! Or leading one part of the camp by dancing Zumba or helping out in the kids team or being part of the research team. These are all such valuable memorable experiences! 😀 So thankful, so blessed!

…and what makes it even more awesome is that I have VERY fun, supportive colleagues!

#5 – Picked up surfing and spent a little more time on my other hobbies! 


Went back to Siargao for the 2nd time in May and decided to give surfing another try before I tell myself that it’s not my kinda-thing. Glad I did because Junrey, my awesome surf instructor taught me some basic stuffs and the adrenaline rush was so radddddddd! Now I understand why people in the island can surf all day and all night!


Also, I spent a little more time with my hobbies…although I wish I could be more discipline and not let other things become a priority. #2016resolutions Lol.

#6 – Met so many new friends of the same interests



I didn’t expect to make many new friends as I hit my mid-20s, but it’s pretty cool to meet people from my travels, community work and other hobbies. Some became more than just acquaintances! 😀

#7 –  Took a little more effort to catch up with friends




Okay, I kinda stopped mid-year towards the end of the year because of my intensive work and personal travels but I took most of my 2 weeks year end holidays to catch up with different ones. More of this in 2016, to invest more in people!

#8 – Became much happier! 


Erm, I guess I took control of my life – discard nonsense in my life and replaced it with good ones. Self explanatory!

#9 – Difference of priorities in finance

I used to spend my money on clothes, shoes, bags etc especially when they go on sale but in 2015, I saved a little more on my travels. Which I still end up broke anyway…but it’s better to spend on experiences than stuff that you won’t use in the next year or two. Hehe.

#10 – Challenging time in church ministry.

People are always the most challenging thing to deal with in ministry, even in work. It’s not the work in itself but in managing expectations with people that is. So, this year I had a meltdown and it was such a struggle to serve with a joyful heart. It took a lot of humbling to reach to where I’m now, God had to break my stubborn heart so I could reach out to Him.

It’s when you have such intimacy experience with Him, that you can’t let go of His love and you just want to spend more and more time with Him. Only God really knows what’s the inside of your heart.

I don’t know what to expect in 2016, I’m letting it surprise me…I hope the next year when I revisit this, it will be a pleasant one!

So, have a great year fulfilling your resolutions!

Cheers! 😀


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