Conversations with Luka

I met Luka, an Italian surfer dude who stayed in the same hostel as me in my Philippines trip a week ago. When he first arrived, he was so courteous, with him introducing himself and stuff. That was probably the nicest he has been to me throughout my stay because hours later, he began with his funny jokes, poking fun and laughing at me (and other pple too) but it’s all good, because it’s all FUN!

He has this amazing personality, one-of-a-kind and he is sooooooo funny!! Like really funny, funny! Nina can vouch to it. The Italian accent contributed a major part of it! Sometimes, I just burst out laughing from a normal conversation between him and other people because of how he string his sentences together with his thick Italian accent. Once, he told me that he understands English, I do not need to slow the pace of my speech just because he is an Italian. HAHA. And, he’s so cool about it! 🙂


Because he is SO FUNNY, there are a few conversations that I can remember till now and reckon it’s good to put it here for memories sake. I know right, one blog entry just on this.

#1 – Cooking Dinner

The hostel crew decided to cook dinner instead of eating out and so everyone helped out in the kitchen. Being the only Asian, I was tasked to boil rice using a rice cooker (how tough can it get, right??! I do it at home all the time anyways!) because you know, I’m the expert. Only except that I’ve never boil rice for so many pple before. So yea, you guessed it right. I messed up, it was too watery.

Me: Oh no, the rice is too watery! 😦
Luka: NOOOO… it’s too cooked!!
Me: No, Luka.. it’s too watery! How now?
Luka: *shakes head* How can you not know how to cook rice?! You’re an Asian, that’s what you know best! It’s like saying, Italians can’t cook pasta! You’re a Malaysian!!!!
Me: Thanks Luka. I’m feeling better already.  -_____-

#2 – Don’t be like a woman! 

We were so hungry and we wanted to dig in to the amazing food when it was done and some wanted a picture first. But after multiple shots, Luka wasn’t too happy. He just wanted to eat!

Luka: OH COME ONNNN! Don’t be like a woman taking pictures! Too muchhh, LET’S EATTTT ALREADYYY!!!!

All of us burst out laughing!

#3 – Are you rich? 

Me: Aww, I’m leaving tomorrow! I’m going to miss you so muchhh! 😦
Luka: Are you sure you want to go home to get married?
Me: Yes, why? Do you want to marry me?
Luka: Well, are you rich?
Me: No.
Luka: Then, no. But if you are rich, I would marry you. You know, because I love you.

Nina overheard this and we both laughed! Oh Luka. Lol.

#4 – Rum and women

Philip made popcorn and hot chocolate for movie night.

Luka: Do you want rum with your hot choc?
Someone: No.
Luka: WHAT? How can you not want rum with that? Rum is like women, it goes well with EVERYTHING!

HAHAHAHA.. Seriously, how much funnier can he get?
Ahhh, good times! Missing him already, may you (he) find good waves all across the world! Cheers buddy! ❤


2 thoughts on “Conversations with Luka

    • Hello, Shugah! Yes, he came back again this year for 2 months for surf before he heads back to Italy. Yea, he’s definitely a cool guy! Everyone loves him! Haha… Hope all is good with you 🙂 Cheers ❤

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