The Wedding Planning Journey

I’ve been meaning to write this for the longest time but you know, there are more important things in life planning. 😛 We’re half way there and it’s little more to crunch time now. Kinda regret that we chill so much last year and only started preparations this year. Procastination habit dies hard, haha. Oh wells, but still do-able! 🙂

Gotta admit it was pretty stressful in the beginning, but much better in the recent month. If a bride-to-be says that there are no stress moments throughout their wedding planning journey, they are lying. Unless they hire a wedding planner. Or maybe they are just men living in female bodies. ANYWAY, that’s not the point.

The point is, I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to pull myself away from all the stress of wedding planning. Everybody told me that it *will* be very fun doing this, that I get to choose my wedding dress and all the other pretty stuff. Uh-huh, fun they say. Choosing the wedding dress is already a headache omg -___-

What they also didn’t tell me that I should be prepared to see my savings and all my money go up in smoke (I’ve effectively put all my travel plans on hold, sigh), that managing both families is no easy feat and sometimes all you want to do is pull your hair and just elope. I thought that something must be very wrong with me because I’m the *only* bride-to-be who is having a tough time trying to plan a wedding.

Until I saw this.

days until wedding


I burst out laughing like a mad woman in the office when I read this.

I read the entire article and realised how spot-on every chart is! Ridiculously accurate and funny! I began to laugh at myself for constantly worrying at how the wedding would turn out to be. I was worried at what people will say about the wedding decor, or how I would look on that day or will people talk about how lame and boring the wedding would be. When I posted that article on social media, other married people agreed to this too! HAHAHA..Phew, I’m not a crazy woman after all 😀

What if I look too simple as a bride? Like my hair and makeup isn’t up to par? Or my jewellery doesn’t match with my entire look? Or what if it isn’t as entertaining as the other weddings? Or as beautiful as other weddings? I really suck at this whole make-this-wedding-look-like-Pinterest-awesome thingy!! I’m not creative like the other brides.  And Pinterest doesn’t help, it made me even more confused. So many options.

negative opinions

Seriously, that article gave me back my sanity. Lol.

I’m really starting to take things less seriously now (except for certain aspects which is driving Marc up to the wall now! HAHA!), less arguments with Marc and taking one step at a time. Focusing on the important things. Which is  starting a new life with my Marc Chow. Exchanging our vows before God and the people so dear to us. That’s what matters.

Not what our guests would say, because our guests are friends who love us and will cheer for us regardless how lame or cheesy our wedding will be.

..and I take comfort in that.

For now, I gotta learn how to delegate stuff to other people. Any volunteers in doing a fundraising for us? Or any volunteers to think and decor for us? VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 🙂


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