Giving Hope

When my colleague blasted a shoutout email to the team for a female facilitator to assist their Microsoft training program (XLR8), I almost replied but I didn’t. Simply because I’m the last person you should approach when it comes to computer and technology.

I really suck at these kinda things. Haha. Keith, our IT guy can testify to this. I probably bug him the most because every time I can’t figure things out, I will call out to him. Keith, why isn’t it printing? Keith, why am I not online? Keith, where is this icon? Keithhhhhh help me fix my computer!!!! LOL. Typing this is already making me laugh.. and Keith will either roll his eyes at me or pretend I’m non-existent.

So, I didn’t reply that email until a week later when another email was sent out asking for the same thing. That’s it la. This is for me. I replied immediately and I was in the team! YAYY!!!

I didn’t know what to expect but I was pretty excited because I knew it would be life changing. And also feeling very nervous, actually. That’s because I was tasked to do a power point slide show about myself. Yea, it’s a simple casual presentation but still, it freaked me out.

Oh btw, the place that we were going to was an approved school – basically a reformatory institution for the female youths. I didn’t want to just come for the sake of coming but really wanted to learn and see these girls for myself. We were there for 3 days, facilitating 20 different girls a day and it wasn’t just the boring Microsoft training where u learn how to change font, align paragraphs etc. It was an experiential learning and more than anything else, we wanted to instill hope and showed them that they deserve a bright future just like anyone else in Malaysia. Through the content in XLR8. 

The girls had to do a power point presentation about themselves too but I started the presentation so they could have an idea of how a presentation is like. I didn’t put much thought into it but as I shared about my life, I spoke with my heart and shared some life values.

I continued facilitating with my other colleagues and finished each day with gratefulness of such opportunity.

What caught me by surprise was TWO girls approached me on separate occasions telling me that they wanted to be an accountant/auditor just like me (shared it on my presentation). They didn’t know how, so they wanted advice. As they shared with me their life stories, my heart broke into pieces. They have such big dreams but their circumstances were holding them back and they didn’t know where to start.

I couldn’t do much but I spoke hope and courage into their hearts. I encouraged them that they could be a successful accountant if they don’t give up in what they do. No matter how bleak the future seems to look or how the stakes are against them or what people tell them, success is very much possible. It doesn’t just belong to the rich or educated, it belonged to them too. They just gotta believe that they can. 

I try not to bring up conversations about me in my corporate days because it was a very very tough season for me but if I had to go through that entire season just so I could inspire and encourage someone, I would do it.

When we ended the conversation(s), they gave me a salam (kissed my hand) and I could tell they were sincerely grateful. I was overwhelmed with so many kind of emotions and deep down, I wanted to tell them.. “It’s gonna be ok, dear girl. It’s an honour and privilege that you talked to me and trust me with your stories”.

I smiled and said a short prayer for them.

I knew instantly that I am where I am meant to be.


…and when people ask me why would I be ever so willing to quit my corporate job, this would be it. This is the reason I quit my job.

Simply because I know that there is HOPE in this generation.


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