Three more months!

Well, 3 months and 1 week more to be exact! When January happened, I thought to myself.. “Ok, No need to panic.. long way to go”.


This is totally not how I envisioned myself as a bride-to-be. 3 months more and I am nowhere near. I thought I would be really excited to DIY and create all my decor, know how my look should be and stuff. But man, I suck at this! HAHA..I am so not a bride material. Totally not the girly girl who wants all things pretty. Fail. Since the last time I wrote, there is not much progress. How do I know what my venue space should look like? Or how the overall bridal party should look like? Till now, there is zero progress on my DIY ideas. HAHAHAHA.

Speaking about weddings, do you know how expensive it can be? All the decor you see in weddings?It is so common right, so you would think it is kinda affordable. But nope, ITS ALL LIES! LIES, I tell you!! A bit dramatic there, but that was what I was thinking in my head when I fount out about prices of wedding stuff. Lol.


This flower arch looks really pretty right? I also want.

But cannot, because this thing costs at least few hundred and that’s just the arch alone. What about all your other flower decor? Next, do you see the candle glasses? Let’s take an average of RM10 per glass. There are about 10 in that picture. So, that is about RM100.

Do you know what I would do rather do with that RM100?

Go for surfing classes. 

With the money spent on the flower arch, I would rather go for a holiday in the Philippines and chill at the beach. Can you see HOW INSANE this is? Haha. It is so stupid that it is so hilarious.

I just can’t seem to spend that kinda money on my wedding. I just can’t. That amount of money can feed a child breakfast for a year everyday. For real. Oh yeah, if you want to feed a child breakfast daily, please support what we are doing here. #takechancetopromote

Thankfully, we have a bunch of friends who are really nice, trying to help us as much as they can. Some are even so nice to pass down their decor stuff, their wedding stuffs and offering their talents.

If there is one thing I envisioned about the wedding since I was young, it would be having twofrontteeth (I call him wei xiong) to take our pictures. He is just sooooooo good. SO GOOD!! We grew up together with my other crazy whacko friends (SPAM camp) and we have so much love for his work ❤

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 8.28.35 PM

When he agreed to fly back to KL to take our engagement pictures for us, I kinda teared. Because it is just so surreal, you know. Who does that? Fly back to KL to shoot for us only to come back for our wedding again. Sigh, Marc and I are just so blessed. Thanks, Xiong! 🙂 We really appreciate you!

Actually, I am pretty excited as I write this.

Because more than anything else,


The guy who has the ability to drive me up the wall and make me so happy at the same time! It’s gonna be so exciting, you know! With me dancing in front of the TV when he watches Liverpool or when I insist there is going to be a hammock in the apartment (because I want it to be like a beach) so he has to figure it out. Or when I cook a meal for the very first time and he has to like it no matter what. Or when we argue so badly that I just want to slap his face. HAHA..

It is gonna be awesome, all right?
Until I gotta start ironing his shirts. 


Pic credits : Pinterest & TwoFrontTeeth


8 thoughts on “Three more months!

  1. Too awesome!!! So happy for your and Marc! & I totally understand what you are writing, sister…
    Let me know if I can help in anyway.

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