The Wedding

Done and dusted.

..and hello everybody, I’m now Mrs. Chow! 😀 ❤


It’s crazy how you spend one year (or more) to plan and prepare for that one day, and that one day passes you by in a blink of an eye! SO FAST OKAY! When Pr. Kenneth introduced us to the crowd, I thought to myself, “What in the world, didn’t I just walk in this place?!!!?” Lol. Before we know it, our wedding weekend came and gone.

Man, I wish I could relive those moments. Marc & I enjoyed every bit of it and wished we could do it again. Only the wedding day, mind you. Because the wedding planning is something we don’t ever wanna do it again. Ever… and my girls would say an amen to this. HAHA.

But hey, I gotta say.. we had a pretty kickass wedding! Call me bias, but I would really like to think that it was pretty rad! Marc & I had so much fun and it was a rare sight to see the people we love were all at the same place at the same time. My heart was just bursting with happy emotions and I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time! ❤

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-03 at 18.56.26.jpeg

By the way, in typical Claryn fashion, I woke up late on my wedding day. HAHAHAHA. So typical of me, can?

I set the wrong alarm time and nobody noticed it because we were all too tired with the prep the night before. It was pitch black when Su Yen, my make-up artist called me and told me she was out of the house. Nobody was awake at that time and I was even talking with her for a good 20 seconds saying that she arrived too early before I opened the door for her! HAHAHA. Omg. This sounds so ridiculously silly and funny as I typed this. But I assure you, it wasn’t funny at all when I woke up. LOL!

It was only when I brushed my teeth that I realised, hey.. it’s my wedding day and I didn’t need to be so hard on myself. Then, I laughed at myself for being so nonsense even on my wedding day. So, I’m sorry guys if you waited a bit long for me to arrive. Because, you know.. it’s the ONLY day I could be a diva! HAHA. 😀

But the moment finally arrived when I stepped out of the car and that was it.

I could clearly remember that as I hold my uncle’s hand walking into the hall, I looked at the sky. It was clear and blue. A symbol of God’s presence because I was so worried about the haze few weeks back.

I took a deep breath and the magic just happened.

My uncle eagerly tucked my hand behind his elbow, our ring bearer and flower girls taking their position, Tasha & Audrey helping me with my dress and they looked so stunning on that day, our help crew who were outside of the hall were cheering me on.. and how the decor was so darn beautiful! Thanks guysssss!!! 😀

Oh so beautiful! ❤

In fact, every moment was.

More friends and family cheering us on as I walked down the aisle. The moment when I saw my handsome groom looking so dashing. Marc saw me for the very first time in my wedding gown (he has no clue how it would look like!!). The worship time where we sang our hearts out to Christ during worship and His presence in our wedding was all that we wanted. The Scripture Reading done beautifully by Adrian. The Word. My mom releasing me to be married. The exchanging of vows (so thankful we got it in video!). The exchange of rings. THE KISS! Communion. The march out. All so precious and meaningful!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Just like that, the ceremony was over. Yet, the most important one.

Then, came the more relaxing and chilled bit. The receptions.



We had a 2 night reception dinners.

One on Saturday –  A more casual setting with a smaller seating capacity for our immediate family and friends. Boy, was it fun! We ate, we sang, we danced and we took tons of pictures! I still feel we didn’t have time to catch up with everyone though 😦


One on Sunday – Tea ceremony and ballroom dinner setting for our families, their friends and our colleagues. Although I dreaded the THOUGHT of a 2-day-wedding-dinners (walao, so tiring la can!), I was secretly happy that I could be a bride again on the 2nd day! HAHA. Can put make up again, can wear that wedding dress again, can take more pictures!! SYOK man 😀

That’s because you usually have only ONE shot at your wedding. There’s no such thing as a retake. You can’t walk down the aisle and say,… I don’t like. Let’s do it again. Because if I could, I would err…wake up early? 😀 Therefore, getting the right people to partner with us were so crucial.

…and I’m so glad that I lost a bit of my sanity to get these right people for our wedding 🙂

Omg, this is getting too long for a post. Part 2…coming up right after this! Meanwhile, enjoy the very beautiful and fun wedding video done by our awesome videographer, Maeson Creative Partners 

You know what’s more awesome about him? 😀 😀 😀

For you guys who are getting married soon and you’ve yet to find a wedding videographer, tell him that you know us – “Marc & Claryn” (aiya, just say you know him through us! Don’t need to be so formal!) and he is so kind to give you a 15% discount rate from the standard film package of RM6,899. Nah, don’t say I don’t share good stuff ok! ❤

Check out his work here

Stay tuned for Part 2 real soon! xx


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