The Wedding – Part 2

THREE MONTHS SINCE! Are we still considered newlyweds? Haha!

I actually did give up from continuing where I left off because real life is pretty hectic. How do these bloggers keep writing every alternate days! #2017goals

But since Jon delievered our wedding pictures not too long ago, that little spark left in me was reignited to continue this. And it’s soooooooooo pretty! funny!



Now, that we received our pictures in full.. it also means that we have fully close this chapter in our lives. Of being engaged and preparing to be married. With this, I just want to do a quick mention and share some pictures with you guys on our very special day!


#1 – Jason, Maeson Creative Partners


Among all the videographers I emailed, Jason was the ONLY one who asked me to tell him more about our wedding on my very first enquiry. Now, I understand it’s pretty difficult for people to be so personalised when there are 19387++ pple asking for the same thing to compare prices. But, he was so personal and genuine which made the difference among all others.

When I first told Marc about getting a videographer, he was pretty reluctant because we were already spending money on wedding photography. Why are we wasting more money to capture similar moments? -___- MEN. Sometimes, so urgh.

When we watched our wedding video, Marc said.. “Best decision ever to get Jason
I smiled in agreement! 🙂 Always listen to the wife!
Thanks Jason, you have no idea how many times I’ve watched the video!

#2 – Jon, Crossroads Photography



Man, photography was one of the biggest headache I have in this whole wedding planning process. I knew this was extremely important.. so I was not willing to compromise on a random photographer. We needed to like his/her pictures and we gotta be comfortable with him. There are tons of them out in the market and they do such great jobs, but I wasn’t gonna let them “just do their job” and then leave and then that’s it.

I started the search 9 months before the wedding and apparently, it’s too late for industry standards because photographers recommended by friends were all booked. Crazy la, this industry can! If you want big money, just tap into the wedding industry. No kidding! HAHA.

But, when I was about to give up, God brings us Jon! WE PRAYED FOR HIM OKAY! Like for reals! He was so accommodating, I asked him so many questions and he everything also can! (Except that he won’t sing YNWA for us, yeap another ManU fan!) I hope he doesn’t secretly hate us! LOL!

When we met him, we could be so honest with him. We knew HE WAS THE ONEEEEE!!!
Like finding husband like that. Lolol. But all is good and I’m so glad he was more than just a photographer. He is a new found friend whom I can’t recommend enough! Even after the wedding, I kept bugging him asking him to send me pictures on piece-meal basis and he still layan-ed me! ❤

#3 – Su Yen, SuyenPang Artistry



She was the first person I booked without hesitation. I knew a lot of my friends got her and everyone recommended her, so I was convinced. I was pretty scared at first, because I know nuts about make-up when she asked me to give her some pictures to refer to.

But when I met her for my make-up trial, she was an absolutely darling! She was so friendly, she checks with you periodically if you are okay with what she’s doing, she even explained all the make-up jargons to me. So noob! HAHA.

My hair was also pretty stubborn, virgin hair she says..and the curls refused to stay. Su Yen, being the awesome make-up artist (MUA) she is, lent me her hair spray and lip tint/stick! Walao, I think throughout the night she also lent me her pallets of  sorts just in case. SO MUCH TRUST!!

Trust me, you won’t regret her!

#4 – Jon, Triamp Audio

Now, I know nuts about sound and this time round, I was pretty reluctant to invest in a good PA system. Why do we need to get another one when the venue has already a simple decent one? HAHA. Glad the hubby won in this negotiation because he made everyone sound so good! 🙂

I finally know how crucial it is to have good sound. Good sound = good music = everyone having a great time!

#5 – Leona, Wedding Planner & more


I don’t know where to start with this woman. HAHA. She was supposed to be my wedding coordinator, meaning she is only supposed to help me coordinate things 1-2 weeks prior to the wedding. But, erm.. she ended up more than that.. helping Sanam with the decor ideas and more! The awesome chalkboard you see in pictures? She help me find contacts and do it. SO NICE RIGHT! Leona, can’t thank you enough! 🙂

#6 – Others

Venue: RUANG, Shah Alam – We fell in love with the place at first sight and apparently, we were the first couple to have a Christian wedding there. Of course, all the stuff we requested i.e. rehearsal wasn’t a familiar protocol and they were so accommodating! Borrow your Vespa for photobooth, can? CAN. Borrow your wooden pallets for photobooth, can? CAN. Wedding rehearsal for 1 hour only, can? Huh? Let me check…can! Lol. They are in the midst for an expansion and I wished they have done it earlier because it would be so amazing!

Food: Big Rajah – I gotta admit that food wasn’t a priority in my list but Marc thought otherwise. When he proposed this, I was like what! Are you crazy?!! Fusion food for our wedding? So not atas! I wanted Western but glad he won this  negotiation bit too because I heard the food was quite good & different for a change.

In fact, weeks after the wedding when I catch up with some friends, they (the men!) said that they really loved the food! SO YAY!


Can you believe it that these are the only people we partnered with? The rest are all contributions and help from our very dear friends. The wedding bouquet. The flowers. The wedding favours. The corsages. The decor. The car decor. The calligraphy quotes. The wedding cake (MY MOM DID IT!!). The cake topper. The light refreshments. The wedding invitations. The printing. The set-up. The photo booths. The confetti poppers. The personalised napkins. The hosts.










Most of them were DIY-ed. I can’t thank you enough, friends. You guys are the most amazing people I’ve met and I’m so thankful God had placed all of you at this season in our life. I’m so blown away by your love and friendships because you guys saw me at my worst and still loved me despite thank you friends & family for coming all the way to help us in every way possible, to celebrate and share the joy with us.


We are so blessed by you!!! 🙂
Family, words can’t express how blessed I am to be part of this & the new family!


Throughout this time especially few weeks before the wedding, these special ladies – my bridal party + Sanam – basically helped me to make the wedding a reality. Audrey came all the way from Sabah and camped at my house for 2 weeks to help me in EVERYTHING while Tasha helped me to keep it all together and manage my bridal shower and Sanam helped with all things decor. It was a very crazy time and I don’t know how they did it but they did. For that and up until now, I’m incredibly thankful and touched by you throughout my engagement period!


Most importantly, I got married to the most amazing guy who understands me (hmm, ask me again 3 months from now), who shares my passion for sports, who encourages me to pursue my dreams, who wants the best for me, who is very much like me in my choices in life and values 🙂



I’m so glad we did our wedding just the way we wanted it although it was against the norm. If our memory fails us in 10 years to come, I know we had a kickass wedding story to tell to our children. Daddy & Mommy had one of the best nights in our lives and that’s all that matters!

Also, I DID THIS! ❤


Medley of Sugar by Maroon 5 + Shut Up & Dance with me by Walk the Moon


OH YEAHHH BABY! 😎 Picked up the guitar just to surprise him on the wedding day because I know that would blow his socks off! And it did! One of the best highlights of the night 😎😎😎 Chose that combination of songs because one is my favourite while the other is Marc’s favourite and we will always sing to each other in the car when it gets played on the radio!

I don’t know why I insisted in doing this so badly because this added unnecessary stress on top of the wedding planning stress. I had to make up excuses to go practice in Yih Khai + Jess’s house and practice the same two songs almost every night till my family can’t take it anymore! So stress. I couldn’t even eat on the wedding night. Heard the fish was good? BUT IT WAS OH SO WORTH IT when I saw the face of my groom and friends who didn’t expect me to pull such a stunt. Haha. Typical Claryn fashion again.



..and of course, my biggest supporter of the night! Wei Xiong. So excited with his yellow napkin! HAHA… Thank you everybody for your support, I really do have the greatest bunch of friends! ❤

Here’s to a lifetime adventure of us annoying each other playfully and doing crazy stupid things together! *champagne glasses clicking*



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