The Blue & Red Water Gun Story

Not too sure how the conversation came up, but we were talking about how our future kids will be like. It started off with how our future daughter would be like. Of course, Marc gave the only right answer: that she will be just like me.

Then I asked him, what if we had a son?

“Well, I hope that he will have the good traits of both of us.. and not the bad ones!” 
“Like what?”
“I don’t know what I would do if he inherits your indecisiveness!” 

To prove his point, he enacted a scene with a high pitched voice. 

Our future son: Daddy Daddy, should I buy the red or blue water gun? I really can’t decide!

After one hour

Our future son: Daddy, I think I will take the blue one!!

As they headed to the cashier, our future son saw a green water gun.

Our future son: DADDY DADDY! NOW THERE IS A GREEN ONE! Which one should I pick?!!!! The green or blue?

This is where Daddy pulls his hair wishing that all this was just a dream.


OMG! This is hitting the jackpot! Man, I laughed like crazy hearing that because that’s a 100% accurate representation of me!! HAHAHA! OMG. Oh man, I’m still laughing as I typed this.

Oh man. My indecisiveness can really kill me. Ask my bridesmaids. My wedding would have been a much MUCH easier feat if I could decide on a wedding theme. Or a wedding colour. Or any decisions in life for that matter. Life would be oh so much easier if I knew what I want.

Oh future son (or daughter), I hope you will NEVER inherit this part of me!

Picture credits: Google


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