To My Future Self

Dear Claryn,

When you read this, you are in probably good health. Going about your daily life and thinking about what to do for the weekend. You are probably planning for your next trip with Marc or probably thinking of how to earn more money.

You are not going to think about how it is like to feel sick or how your body betrays you with illness. But I just want to remind you today, that you should be very grateful for your good health. Not having any sinus, headaches, coughs, gastric pains, vomiting sessions or flu. None of that. That’s God’s blessing upon you that you should never take for granted. When life isn’t as exciting as you wish, think of this. You are healthy and that’s a lot to be thankful for!

You have been suffering with intense vomiting, nausea (not pregnant!) and bad headaches because you ate something you shouldn’t be eating – very oily pizza. You knew your stomach might not take it but you took a gamble anyway and you lost. You threw up everything you ate, at least 6-7 times that night and had to take a jab in the night. You paid RM120 for that and you wished you could use it on something more beneficial instead. You went to work the next day because you have been away for the past 3 days and you managed to survive.

But you didn’t survive the night.

You had terrible gastric pangs that never seem to go away. By now, you have been a pro in managing your gastric but this time, nothing worked. You prayed, you cried, you were on your knees in pain and you thought sleeping it off would worked. It didn’t. So, you went to the doctor again for desperate consultation only to find out that you needed time. You suffered the rest of the night.

Dear Claryn, I hope you are much wiser in taking care of yourself right now. You are not like the rest of your friends who could eat whatever they want, whenever they want. You need to get enough rest and good diet because you fall sick easily. That’s why, don’t take this for granted. You can’t afford to screw this up. God gave you a mandate to take care of this body and you should. Never think of giving up this life because He gave you that.

Remember this.

Be thankful everyday because you are alive and healthy. 
Thank God daily.


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