Just like 4 years ago

Looking at this picture makes me so happy, dear Marc. It has been a crazy year (ok la, few months only) trying to do this wedding planning stuff but despite all that, I am so so glad that we could still talk like a new couple who just got together!

We felt that we got lost in time because nothing else matters. Not the food, not the environment, not the wedding prep, just the company – YOU. We talked about stupid things, things that doesn’t really matter, talk about deep stuffs – just like 4 years ago.

4 years on, I still find you the same charming, funny guy that you are. 

Except maybe I know your nonsense a little bit more and you about mine. Haha. Best part is, we still choose each other despite the crap we put each other through. Marriage is gonna be so much hard work, but it will be oh so worth it with you!

Counting the days till I call you hubby! Love you! ❤


A day in Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Hello February! It’s a 4 days long weekend for (most) of us – FT replacement holiday on Monday and Thaipusam on Tuesday! Gotta love the public holidays in Malaysia.

Since Marc hardly have his off days, I applied for a day off on Monday so we can hang out. When we get opportunities like these, we try to date the non-mainstream way! So today, we chose to cycle in Putrajaya Botanical Garden 😀


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