The Wedding – Part 2

THREE MONTHS SINCE! Are we still considered newlyweds? Haha!

I actually did give up from continuing where I left off because real life is pretty hectic. How do these bloggers keep writing every alternate days! #2017goals

But since Jon delievered our wedding pictures not too long ago, that little spark left in me was reignited to continue this. And it’s soooooooooo pretty! funny!



Now, that we received our pictures in full.. it also means that we have fully close this chapter in our lives. Of being engaged and preparing to be married. With this, I just want to do a quick mention and share some pictures with you guys on our very special day!Read More »


The Wedding

Done and dusted.

..and hello everybody, I’m now Mrs. Chow! 😀 ❤


It’s crazy how you spend one year (or more) to plan and prepare for that one day, and that one day passes you by in a blink of an eye! SO FAST OKAY! When Pr. Kenneth introduced us to the crowd, I thought to myself, “What in the world, didn’t I just walk in this place?!!!?” Lol. Before we know it, our wedding weekend came and gone.

Man, I wish I could relive those moments. Marc & I enjoyed every bit of it and wished we could do it again. Only the wedding day, mind you. Because the wedding planning is something we don’t ever wanna do it again. Ever… and my girls would say an amen to this. HAHA.

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Cheong Hong & Michelle : Beach Wedding in Avillion, Port Dickson

Michelle got marriedddd, FINALLY! YAY! ❤ 😀

Michelle was my ex-colleague in Deloitte and she has been dating her then-boyfriend, now hubby John for 10 years before getting married last weekend. In fact, I have always used her as my “defence mechanism” when people in office keep asking me when is it my turn to get hitched.

“Going away for the weekend with your boyfriend? He’s going to propose is it?” “No la, not so fast. Michelle first!” “….okay..”

HAHAHA. Always work!


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Back to my sewing mojo!

…or maybe just because I need to! 😀 (with much pleasure of course!)

I promised Audrey that I’ll make her a bible cover when I’m less tied up with my work. Erm, that was exactly a year ago! HAHA. I kept procastinating till she is leaving KL for good. Miss Audrey is going back to her hometown in Sabah for 6 months before heading to UK to further her studies.


This was my second attempt in making the cover, the first being too small and the second being too big. -____- Major fail. So, one tip I’m gonna give is that it’s much easier to have the “book” with you, so you can make adjustments where necessary. Audrey had to get her domestic helper to make the alterations when she went back. BOO. But it was all good in the end, so I’m happy 😀


Gonna miss this girl so much for sure 😦 She annoys me sooo much but she’s also one of the few ones who really share the same wavelength with me! Lol. #goawaybutdontgo

Btw, the easiest book/bible cover tutorial I found in Pinterest, available here if you are interested.

Three Checks by Jan

Had a mini reunion with my childhood buddies, Jan & Tasha with their plus ones yesterday. We go wayyyyy back in primary school. In fact, Jan was the first friend I had in my life! Jan and Nick, her boyfriend was back in KL for CNY celebrations and she was kind enough to make me this! 😀


An architect based in Sydney, Jan does quite a bit of craft especially typography! I loveeee her work! ❤
Go check this talent out at Three Checks and if you love these earrings, you can find them in her Etsy store!

Thanks Janny, hoping to see you again very soon! xx

A Postcard from the US

My friend, Chloe sent me this because she knows how much I appreciate things like that! 🙂 I was having such a horrible week when the card greeted me in the morning with my name written on it! What a lovely surprise!


I asked her why did she take so much effort to send me a handwritten card all the way from US and she said..

“Because I appreciate the friendship”

Aww 😀 … and sometimes we live for simple moments like these. Life gets tough someday but beautiful and sweet gestures compensate for that! Thanks Chloe! I appreciate your friendship very much too!