Seeing Them Age

When I was much younger, I enjoy discovering how old are all my family members. Just to get a gauge of the age difference between the tiny me and them. So, I grew up enjoying getting older (but please stop now, omg!) and with each year, I add a year to the age of my relatives and grandparents.

Of course at that time, my grandparents are the oldest people around and to me, their age are always hovering around the 70s. While my uncles and aunties are always in the 40s. My parents are always in the late 30s. And me? 10. Haha. It’s nice to keep count like that.

But life goes on.

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To My Future Self

Dear Claryn,

When you read this, you are in probably good health. Going about your daily life and thinking about what to do for the weekend. You are probably planning for your next trip with Marc or probably thinking of how to earn more money.

You are not going to think about how it is like to feel sick or how your body betrays you with illness. But I just want to remind you today, that you should be very grateful for your good health. Not having any sinus, headaches, coughs, gastric pains, vomiting sessions or flu. None of that. That’s God’s blessing upon you that you should never take for granted. When life isn’t as exciting as you wish, think of this. You are healthy and that’s a lot to be thankful for!

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Life Lessons from a Car Accident

I got into a car accident just a week ago. I was taking the usual route back home after work, a route which I have been taking for the past 3 years. Suddenly, this young lady hit my car from the side as she was turning out and I couldn’t even avoid her.

Now, the case was very clear but because she was driving a BMW, I was of course intimidated and I allowed myself to think that maybe it’s both our fault. I decided to lodge a police report after much contemplation (more like advice from wiser people). It was a long stressful night as I was accident free for a very very long time, so I’m unsure of what to expect.

Everyone who saw my car told me that I didn’t need to worry because the damage of my car would be able to justify the story. It would be a straightforward simple case. But no, I told them I was sceptical because the system can actually fail you. Read More »

The Blue & Red Water Gun Story

Not too sure how the conversation came up, but we were talking about how our future kids will be like. It started off with how our future daughter would be like. Of course, Marc gave the only right answer: that she will be just like me.

Then I asked him, what if we had a son?

“Well, I hope that he will have the good traits of both of us.. and not the bad ones!” 
“Like what?”
“I don’t know what I would do if he inherits your indecisiveness!” 

To prove his point, he enacted a scene with a high pitched voice. Read More »

The Wedding – Part 2

THREE MONTHS SINCE! Are we still considered newlyweds? Haha!

I actually did give up from continuing where I left off because real life is pretty hectic. How do these bloggers keep writing every alternate days! #2017goals

But since Jon delievered our wedding pictures not too long ago, that little spark left in me was reignited to continue this. And it’s soooooooooo pretty! funny!



Now, that we received our pictures in full.. it also means that we have fully close this chapter in our lives. Of being engaged and preparing to be married. With this, I just want to do a quick mention and share some pictures with you guys on our very special day!Read More »

The Wedding

Done and dusted.

..and hello everybody, I’m now Mrs. Chow! 😀 ❤


It’s crazy how you spend one year (or more) to plan and prepare for that one day, and that one day passes you by in a blink of an eye! SO FAST OKAY! When Pr. Kenneth introduced us to the crowd, I thought to myself, “What in the world, didn’t I just walk in this place?!!!?” Lol. Before we know it, our wedding weekend came and gone.

Man, I wish I could relive those moments. Marc & I enjoyed every bit of it and wished we could do it again. Only the wedding day, mind you. Because the wedding planning is something we don’t ever wanna do it again. Ever… and my girls would say an amen to this. HAHA.

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10 milestones in 2015

Happy Belated (veryyy belated!) New Year, guys!

Time..has..gotta..slowwwwww…down. Like seriously. Or maybe 2015 was pretty darn awesome that my blog couldn’t keep up with the pace of my lifestyle! ☀✌ The moment I’m back home, I unpack, stay home for a week or two and off I go again!

2015 was really a year of awesome-ness filled with great people in it! If there’s one word to describe the year, it would be a year of exploration. (2014 : Breakthrough, 2013 : Learning) I was pushed out of my comfort zone, trying new things, so many “first’s”, epic new experiences and I’m glad things happened the way it did! A lot to be thankful for 🙂

#1 – WE GOT ENGAGED! ❤ ❤ 



This gotta be the highlight of the year (life)! It was our 3rd year anniversary and Marc decided that it’s time to get someone to do his laundry for life. He got down on one knee on the beach, with the sunset as our backdrop. And now, we are going to get married! Yay!

We don’t know how our future is going to be but we know that it will be helluva of a ride! We talked about how we will rush in the mornings because we will be both late for work (ugh, I’ll have a longer travel time when I get married), how we say we will make each other breakfast but in reality, we will just have instant coffee and bread, how we would really like to watch football together but I’ll just leave him and do my own thing. Or how we are gonna play futsal as a family and do fun things together! It’s gonna be funny and a lot of hard work!

For now, it’s the wedding planning and I don’t know who creates this culture of having big weddings, because it ain’t fun and it uses a lot of money! Even for small weddings, there are so many details to be taken care of.

Why can’t I sign the papers and just fly off to our honeymoon? Haha.

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Gimme more time!

I knew this was coming, but I didn’t know that it would be this hectic! Pretty amazed at how I’m still standing, alive!

I don’t even know where to begin!

Schedules were jam packed the entire month – any free time I had was used to catch up on sleep! No time to do ANY crafts, reading, calligraphy, blogging whatsoever. Was pretty bad, actually. Just finished a 2 day work weekend back-to-back (was a project manager for one), multiple night work meetings, my cell group multiplied! (YAY!) with all the planning involved, spent a lil more time with my extended relatives. All in a day’s work! Still loving what I do, fulfillments level 100 ❤

Not complaining hehe but glad that my schedule is slowly shifting its gears. Need a break so badly!

Despite all the crazy nights and lack of sleep, I wake up thankful everyday. Sure, things get pretty nasty sometimes. I cry, I breakdown. That’s life. You pick yourself up, you learn and you move on. I can’t ask for a better life, job, family, friends, boyfriend, church! Life has been pretty awesome lately! 😀 I’m finally living life the way I want to (with God of course!) and ignoring what people expect of me.

I tell my friends, “Your life is the outcome of choices you make, you are solely responsible for them” 

If I gotta pick the top highlights the past month, it gotta be this:

#1 – My cell group multiplied! PJ7 to PJ16

My PJ16 homies!

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Three Checks by Jan

Had a mini reunion with my childhood buddies, Jan & Tasha with their plus ones yesterday. We go wayyyyy back in primary school. In fact, Jan was the first friend I had in my life! Jan and Nick, her boyfriend was back in KL for CNY celebrations and she was kind enough to make me this! 😀


An architect based in Sydney, Jan does quite a bit of craft especially typography! I loveeee her work! ❤
Go check this talent out at Three Checks and if you love these earrings, you can find them in her Etsy store!

Thanks Janny, hoping to see you again very soon! xx

Are you ready to die?

This question came about as I was having lunch with Josh, my old time buddy today. I was supposed to sign some documents and thought it would be good to catch up too. That’s what I like to call…efficiency. 😀

We were sharing about the things that happened since we last met up. He was telling me great stuff about his work and his future direction in his career. Josh is so brilliant with all the entrepreneur thing, I tell you. He is only 26 but he has so much ideas under his sleeves! So happy for him really. Hoping that he can still remember this dear friend of his when he makes it big! Lol!

When it was my turn to share about my life, I was telling him I have achieved all that I want to in my life. He stopped eating and looked at me attentively. Probably thinking if I was mad.

Yes, I am ready to die”

People who usually say things like these are either 1) old and lived the years OR 2) successful and felt that they have lived the life enough. Successful these days mean making it big, earning big bucks and living luxuriously.

I do not fit into ANY category. Not old, not rich. Not even near to living comfortably financially.

As of today, I have lived to see all my dreams come to past. Of course there are so many other things I want to do – get married, have kids, have grandkids, travel, have my own business, have a house with a swimming pool, have a beach house, see my family and friends know Jesus – but I feel that I’m pretty happy right now. If I die today, I have no regrets!

I told Josh I am living my life as everyday is my last because I feel God can call me anytime. So, I’m on my toes. Living the life that pleases God.  Living life with a leaving legacy in mind. Trying not to have any unfinished business by the end of every day.


I always ask myself, “What can I do to leave a good legacy behind?” or “How can I impact someone’s life today?”

So, are *YOU* ready to die today? If not, why?