Clare’s 2015 Reading List – I am Malala

When I saw this book on Marc’s book shelves few months back, I knew I had to borrow it! Heck, it’s MALALA! The ever famous Malala who got shot because she wanted an education for everyone.

I first knew about her story through ZenPencils (you gotta check his work out, so brilliant!) and I started reading the book in my Hanoi trip. I don’t know if you share my sentiment, but reading has this magical power to bring you out of your reality into this new world of imagination shaped by what the author writes. You can be in different eras, different social backgrounds, different careers – all in the power of imagination. Of course, for this particular story – It’s real.


I imagined myself being Malala, in her world in Pakistan and all the things she went through as a teenage girl. It really brings things into perspective. Her people have to deal with suicide bombers and terror attacks daily, women are not allowed to be educated. Yet here, we are living life in our comfort zones – no fear of getting killed the next morning, access to education, house to live in, a job that we can go to everyday and we find it hard to be thankful.

I’m so encouraged by her life, so young and yet, achieved so much. How she is so fearless despite real threats from the Talibans and she was only 15+ when all that happened! In her book, she described how much she loved reading and going through her books, that to her is gold. She even asked her father to bring her books from Pakistan to Birmingham when she was recovering from all the surgeries! Crazy!!

You know, all the buzzfeed and other list articles that you read in social media on how you should listen to your heart and pursue after your dreams? Yeah, Malala is ALREADY doing that in her teenage years, living her dream and I don’t think she will stop anytime soon.

Makes me think, what am I waiting for? Why am I always procastinating?  

I’ll leave you with one excerpt from the book that I feel worth sharing because I know how it feels to lose certain functionality of your body temporarily. You begin to appreciate.

“We human beings don’t realise how great God is. He has given us an extraordinary brain and a sensitive loving heart. He has blessed us with two lips to talk and express our feelings, two eyes which see a world of colours and beauty, two feet which walk on the road of life, two hands to work for us, a nose which smells the beauty of fragrance, and two ears to hear the word of love. As I found with my ear, no one knows how much power they have in their each and every organ until they lose it.”

Back to my sewing mojo!

…or maybe just because I need to! 😀 (with much pleasure of course!)

I promised Audrey that I’ll make her a bible cover when I’m less tied up with my work. Erm, that was exactly a year ago! HAHA. I kept procastinating till she is leaving KL for good. Miss Audrey is going back to her hometown in Sabah for 6 months before heading to UK to further her studies.


This was my second attempt in making the cover, the first being too small and the second being too big. -____- Major fail. So, one tip I’m gonna give is that it’s much easier to have the “book” with you, so you can make adjustments where necessary. Audrey had to get her domestic helper to make the alterations when she went back. BOO. But it was all good in the end, so I’m happy 😀


Gonna miss this girl so much for sure 😦 She annoys me sooo much but she’s also one of the few ones who really share the same wavelength with me! Lol. #goawaybutdontgo

Btw, the easiest book/bible cover tutorial I found in Pinterest, available here if you are interested.

Three Checks by Jan

Had a mini reunion with my childhood buddies, Jan & Tasha with their plus ones yesterday. We go wayyyyy back in primary school. In fact, Jan was the first friend I had in my life! Jan and Nick, her boyfriend was back in KL for CNY celebrations and she was kind enough to make me this! 😀


An architect based in Sydney, Jan does quite a bit of craft especially typography! I loveeee her work! ❤
Go check this talent out at Three Checks and if you love these earrings, you can find them in her Etsy store!

Thanks Janny, hoping to see you again very soon! xx

World Cup 2014 – Ole Ole Brazil!

We’re already at the Elimination Stage of the World Cup – Brazil vs Chile now. It’s a pretty interesting World Cup because most of the big teams (i.e. England, Italy, Portugal, Spain!!) have been eliminated in the Group stage leaving Brazil, Germany, Argentina and France to fight it out with all the other dark horses. Who would have thought countries like Costa Rica, Greece and Belgium would go through? Lol.

The goals are also in abundance averaging about 3 goals per match! 😀 As my favourite team (read : Spain) got eliminated early, I’m watching it with lesser stress, just appreciating all the beautiful goals and passes! Absolutely love the sport!

Also, I did this! 😀


Definitely not what you get if you go for a manicure, but heck, I’m very very happy with the outcome! ❤

Viva la Espana!

Inspirations : DIY baby shoes

My colleague at work recently had a newborn baby boy and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to DIY something as a gift. After much research in Pinterest, I decided to make a pair of denim baby shoes. Tutorial credits tol thatssewnina.

The entire process took me approximately 5-6 hours with some minor setbacks which I’ll explained later.


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A Postcard from the US

My friend, Chloe sent me this because she knows how much I appreciate things like that! 🙂 I was having such a horrible week when the card greeted me in the morning with my name written on it! What a lovely surprise!


I asked her why did she take so much effort to send me a handwritten card all the way from US and she said..

“Because I appreciate the friendship”

Aww 😀 … and sometimes we live for simple moments like these. Life gets tough someday but beautiful and sweet gestures compensate for that! Thanks Chloe! I appreciate your friendship very much too!


Inspirations : DIY pencil case

Before I go on, I need to give a disclaimer that my finished product isn’t like what you see in Pinterest. It’s the first thing I churned out using the sewing machine and I’m pretty happy about it although there are crooked lines! 😀 This make me realise that I love doing DIYs so so much, more than my job.


I got this pencil case tutorial by Brooke Sellmann and it was easy because she wonderfully made it in a PDF format which I could print out and refer to it when I was sewing.

I used this mini sewing machine which I got for RM50 (USD15) in Mr.DIY,SS2. It only had a warranty for 3 days and the foot pedal only stopped working a week later. Talk about perfect timing. So, I have to coordinate with one hand on the machine and the other holding the fabric. It was not easy. SO tempted to get another new one with more features but Marc said this is still working 😦 I guess I’ll have to stick to this for some time until I get really serious with this hobby.

2014-01-28 01.22.12

Besides the sewing machine, other materials include:

  1. Fabric – 1/4 yard of this cute fabric for RM10 from Fabric Fanatics. The fabric is sufficient to make 2 identical pencil cases. Realised this purchase wasn’t necessary because you could recycle your old clothes.
  2. Zippers – RM1.10 each for a 12inch in a sewing shop located in Seapark, same row as KFC.
  3. Fabric scissors – Vintage! 😀 It was passed down to me by my grandma. I got a new one in Daiso for only RM5 and its pretty decent!

2014-01-28 01.23.57

As I started sewing, I realised I should have trim and end the seams because the thread keeps coming out. It got my sewing machine stuck a couple of times. Once, my thread’s tension was so high because it got stuck and I had to re-do the entire stitch again. What a waste of time. 

2014-02-03 15.34.24

My pencil case in WIP. This got me SUPER excited when I could see a glimpse of how it’s gonna turn out. Unfortunately, if you look closer, you could see that i pin the middle part of the fabric a lil way too much and hence, the crooked line when I sew 😦 Oh wells.

2014-02-03 23.18.00

2 days later (with 1.5 hours spent on each day)
…and TADAAA!!

My beautiful pencil case!

Camera 360

It looks sooo good! Hehehe…and I’m so proud of it! (although it’s not perfect)
What an accomplishment to figure the sewing machine out and to finally use it to make something out of nothing.

I’m a very happy girl 😀 😀 😀

I’m already thinking of what my next project will be and pretty stoked! 😀
I can do DIYs all day. I really can.

The weekend

Camera 360
I’m back!  It was a very very busy month! Wished I could take the time and blog it all, but I guess I can only do so much for now 🙂

Managed to squeeze a day trip to Malacca during the holidays (long weekend) with my girls. A getaway with the girls just mean girly time! My mentor, Adeline was so sweet in coming up with this idea of having an empty notebook and everyone will have to write nice things about the person! Cheryl was just so awesome in painstakingly doing each of these!

At the end of the day, I was thoroughly blessed and encouraged by the words they say!
Hope you are having an eventful month as I do! Good times, rough times but it’s all good 🙂

We’re at the half year mark of 2013! Don’t let the year pass you by!
Hope June treats you well!


Big Hug Burger

The bf wanted to satisfy his cravings in TGIF during the weekend and thanks to the awesome gf (read : me), we headed to this new burger cafe instead – Big Hug burger – recommended by a church friend.

We were so full and satisfied! I don’t usually post pictures of my food and where I eat but this place interior was just so beautiful! Loved how their deco was simple and yet creates a 3D effect! I think they are pinterest worthy, dont you think?



Managed to create a small talk with its owner and true nuff, she was an artist and an interior designer! She was so friendly that she gave both of us goodbye hugs! 🙂 Definitely going back there again! Hehe.

Camera 360

With my grilled salmon burger for RM14!
It was delish! Recommended, thumbs up 🙂

Inspirations : Graduation card

So, this is something I came up with when my one of my cell group members is leaving for America to do a 6 month work travel. He just graduated not long ago and we thought that it would be good to encourage him before he leaves!

Half of my inspiration comes from the tutorial here but I customised it according to my own convenience and I thought it turned out pretty fine for a beginner who  just started out in making cards!


Started out with the mini cards where I got my cell group members to write their messages. Had to use the clothes peg to hold the cards together as the cloth sticker wouldn’t stick! Meh. 

2013-05-01 09.04.21

Used rubber stamps and made the front layout of the card. Had so much fun doing it even with the trial and errors!

2013-05-01 09.04.08

2013-05-01 09.05.35

Subsequently, I used nylon wrap to make the envelopes and that’s where my cards go in. I made three of them so it looks like a spread just as how the tutorial said.

2013-05-01 09.14.50

Glued the cards together, punched a hole and used a brown twine to tie the card together!
Total time taken : 1.5 hour excluding compiling the card messages.

2013-05-01 09.54.49

Materials used :

  • Black A4 card – Stationery shop, approximately RM0.50 per sheet.
  • Rubber stamps – Popular Book Store, RM12.50 for one set of block letters
  • White rubber stamp ink – Craft Haven, RM7
  • Business cards – Free (Recycled ones)
  • Cloth stickers – Mr. DIY, RM1.90 per roll
  • Nylon wrap – Popular Book Store, RM4.90 per roll of probably 5 meters
  • Brown twine – Mr DIY, RM1.20 for a ball of twine