The Day History was Made

9th May 2018 – A day that we Malaysians will never forget.

I was pretty emotional two days before Elections Day because I knew how much this day mattered to all of us, but at the same time, I didn’t dare to hope. I was prepared for the worst.

After all, I had so much hope 5 years ago thinking that we would win but we DIDN’T. In fact, I was so dumbfounded at the results that I didn’t know how to react after. Took a week to get over the darn results and moved on with my life.

The odds were stacked against us anyway. Elections Day was held on a weekday which made it hard for everyone else to come back to vote. Postal votes were a big joke. Friends I knew weren’t voting. Money was thrown left and right to buy votes. Phantom voters – I heard of this firsthand. Foreigners were given an Identification Card (IC) in exchange for a vote – also personally knew of such cases. The opposition party (now government) scrambled at the very last minute to worked their leadership out.

The ruling government had never lost power since 1957.Read More »


Seeing Them Age

When I was much younger, I enjoy discovering how old are all my family members. Just to get a gauge of the age difference between the tiny me and them. So, I grew up enjoying getting older (but please stop now, omg!) and with each year, I add a year to the age of my relatives and grandparents.

Of course at that time, my grandparents are the oldest people around and to me, their age are always hovering around the 70s. While my uncles and aunties are always in the 40s. My parents are always in the late 30s. And me? 10. Haha. It’s nice to keep count like that.

But life goes on.

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10 milestones in 2017


Can’t believe 2017 came and gone just like that! Can’t brain how each year goes by faster than the previous one and here I am, reflecting how the year has been – the good and the bad. Clearly, this was drafted before the year ended but like always, I can’t seem to complete it on time.

2017 was a year of pushing my limits, especially in my career. I was doing things I have never done before – to see what I can do and what I can’t. I’m glad it happened because now I know what are my boundaries.

#1 – Read my bible and pray everyday (almost!)


For the longest time, I have an inconsistent growth in my spiritual walk with God. Some seasons, it can be so good and other times, so discouraged and meh. Some days, I pray in the morning, some days in the evening or none at all. So inconsistent! Every year, I pray and ask God for a deeper relationship with Him but my lack of discipline takes over each time.Read More »

To My Future Self

Dear Claryn,

When you read this, you are in probably good health. Going about your daily life and thinking about what to do for the weekend. You are probably planning for your next trip with Marc or probably thinking of how to earn more money.

You are not going to think about how it is like to feel sick or how your body betrays you with illness. But I just want to remind you today, that you should be very grateful for your good health. Not having any sinus, headaches, coughs, gastric pains, vomiting sessions or flu. None of that. That’s God’s blessing upon you that you should never take for granted. When life isn’t as exciting as you wish, think of this. You are healthy and that’s a lot to be thankful for!

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How a Good Sunday Should Be

It’s been a long time since I feel that way. Maybe, it’s just a long time since I learnt how to be relax.

When it comes to the weekends, I usually capitalise the two rest days to do everything I need to do – church, social events and what nots – and surprisingly, I rarely use it to relax. Or how Marc likes to put it – Doing Nothing.

I already had a few concerns in regards to my health and well-being, so relaxing is the last thing that is on my mind. Trying to find solutions to my adult-ing problems is.

But today was good.Read More »

Needing Some Downtime

My desk is filled with books, papers and random things that I can hardly see the surface of the table. My clothes are all over the chair and floor because I was so busy picking out a dress for a wedding dinner last Saturday.

I’m at this point where I’m so frustrated over the mess! Argh… and I feel that this reflects the current state of my personal life. I have so many questions, doubts and uncertainty on life. I have so many things going on, trying to settle it one by one. Oh gosh, why is adulting so hard? 😦

Then, I realise that I’m soooooo frustrated because (other than adulting problems!) it’s been WEEKS or probably months since I got to do what I really like. Responsibilities have been full on. My colouring book is half done, my brush pens are stored in one corner while the sewing machine is right in front of me; reminding me that I’m abandoning this hobby which I used to love years back.

I hardly have any down time for myself. 

No time for exercise. No time for reading. No time to blog. No time to practice the guitar.

So, screw this adulting for a little while and let me indulge in some art for a bit. I finally understand how art can make such a huge difference in a person’s life. It inspires, it allows time for reflection, it recharges and it BUILDS.


So good. So good to be writing 😀
Now I’m all smiles again!

Life Lessons from a Car Accident

I got into a car accident just a week ago. I was taking the usual route back home after work, a route which I have been taking for the past 3 years. Suddenly, this young lady hit my car from the side as she was turning out and I couldn’t even avoid her.

Now, the case was very clear but because she was driving a BMW, I was of course intimidated and I allowed myself to think that maybe it’s both our fault. I decided to lodge a police report after much contemplation (more like advice from wiser people). It was a long stressful night as I was accident free for a very very long time, so I’m unsure of what to expect.

Everyone who saw my car told me that I didn’t need to worry because the damage of my car would be able to justify the story. It would be a straightforward simple case. But no, I told them I was sceptical because the system can actually fail you. Read More »

A story of a Boy

It was 7 p.m., just 30 minutes short of everyone breaking fast. Just like everyone else, we were seated at our tables with our plates filled with food, patiently waiting. This unusually quiet 7 year old boy who was two seats away asked for permission to use the washroom with his friend and so we let him.

5 minutes after, the two boys came back panting and they were so eager to tell me of their misadventures. I listened intently and observed that the boy was missing his two front teeth. He was so cute when he laughed.

However, beneath all the laughter, I wondered how it must be like for him back at the children’s home. He has been there for the past 3 years and I’m pretty sure his teeth-dropping experience happened in the home. 

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The Blue & Red Water Gun Story

Not too sure how the conversation came up, but we were talking about how our future kids will be like. It started off with how our future daughter would be like. Of course, Marc gave the only right answer: that she will be just like me.

Then I asked him, what if we had a son?

“Well, I hope that he will have the good traits of both of us.. and not the bad ones!” 
“Like what?”
“I don’t know what I would do if he inherits your indecisiveness!” 

To prove his point, he enacted a scene with a high pitched voice. Read More »